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Photo Sharing Cards

Has anyone found that people actually upload pictures to shutterfly/ a photo sharing site? I was thinking of putting this info on business cards for people to take, though I don't know if anyone would actually upload...lots of questions today!

Re: Photo Sharing Cards

  • I did it.  I got free business cards on vistaprint, so it only cost me about $5 for the shipping.  I used Picasa (google photo) for ours and gave people the log in info to upload.  I like how you can upload and download at full quality with them no charges.  I'm not sure how the other sites are.  When I did ours, google was the best option.  I think we had 5 people upload pictures.  While that's far fewer than actually took pictures, that was still about 500 candid photos from different perspectives that I would have never seen otherwise.  It's virtually no cost to you and very little effort... well worth it in my book.
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    For us, not really. While they were an awesome touch, looked great on the table etc. people were looking for more of a Photographer's site to see pics when they upload them. We did have some guests to theirs but not a ton. It was nice to see them from their perspective etc. though!!

    I got them from Vistaprint super cheap & used Shutterfly for the actual site!
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  • We had them too. We used business cards from Vistaprint. No one seemed to use them though lol. We got most of the guests photos off facebook instead.
  • I feel like most people use Facebook now, but it would be nice to have everything in one spot. I was wondering how useful this would be too.
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