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Just Engaged and Proposals

Forget the guy, what's the girl supposed to say!?

My boyfriend has been dropping hints over the last 4 weeks that he plans  on proposing over the Holiday break. We've waited so far so that he can talk to my parents (a conversation that will be taking place tonight!). So when he gets down on bended knee and asks the question, what am I supposed to say? "Yes" seems so insignificant when you think of what you're agreeing to!

Re: Forget the guy, what's the girl supposed to say!?

  • Haha, well honestly, it will be hard to think of something super meaningful at that point! What a weird question. I just said yes and hugged him and cried.
  • Well, Yes seems good to me.  It's a yes or no question so Yes would be the appropriate answer.

    But seriously, you are over thinking this.  Don't stress over saying the perfect thing.  Say what comes naturally.  Besides, you will probably be so overwhelmed, whatever speech you had prepared will go out the window. 

    I had an idea the proposal was coming but I was still shocked.  I don't remember what he said except for "will you marry me?"  I kept saying "Oh my god" over and over again.
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    My fiance looked at the ring, looked at me, and said "I want to marry you."  I ran over to him and said "I want to marry you!"  So... sometimes there isn't even a question. 

    Say whatever you want to say in that moment.  You'll have plenty of time afterwards to say all the meaningful things that come to mind.  My fiance and I had a long car ride home after our proposal and we kept sharing more and more the whole way.  It was a great day - it lasts much longer than the actual question.. err, lack there of.

    EDIT: just in case my proposal came across a bit rough - it wasn't.  It was incredibly sweet.  My fiance was nervous and excited... I was nervous and excited... and these are the words that came out.  I would have had it no other way.
  • Well you could always say "No"  or "Let me get back to you on that". But if you really want to marry him, I think "yes" would be just fine. 
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  • you really dont need to make a speech, yes will work just fine. Thats why we say it! :)

  • I was so stunned at the proposal (It happened about 2 years before I "expected" it) that I barely managed to squeak out a "yes" before I started crying and babbling in gibberish for a good 20 minutes.

    Trust me, as long as you say something along the lines of "yes", he's going to love it.

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  • I said, "Of course I will!"
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  • I said "yes," and "oh my God," about 7000 times. Eloquent no, but totally me!
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  • He gave his speech, I started to cry, he put the ring on my finger, and I said "Thank you."  lol  Actually, I thanked him about 8 times before I said yes.  I'm such a goober.
  • I don't think I even said yes. I was sort of laughing and crying at the same time. My smile was so big I think I was only able to get an "uh-huh" out.
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  • I said, "Wait.  Are you serious?"  and then, "Of course."

    You don't need to plan a big speech.  Just let the moment happen.
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  • Thanks, ladies, for your input!

    Today was the day and even if I had prepared something (which I didn't) it never would have come out right. He asked, I stated that I was about to cry, said yes, stated that I was crying and then asked if he was sure. Sounds about right, from what I read above! It wasn't eloquent, but it was true to us and I'm no longer stressed!
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