Rain in June?!

I am having my reception outside in my back yard, right behind our house. There's a gorgeous tree, and a balcony on the back of our's going to be gorgeous- mom is insisting on renting a big tent just in case it rains. 

In my opinion it's going to look awkward, covering up the balcony and the pretty tree.

Should I pray it doesn't rain? Or go ahead with the tent?

Re: Rain in June?!

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    Indy in's probably right...go with the tent (better safe than sorry).  There are a lot of ways to make tents romantic and might end up really, really loving it!  You can hang paper lanterns and tealight or votive holders for ambiance or drape'll be beautiful.
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    Is there another place in the reception space for a tent? Even a smaller one that's off to the side may help just on the odd chance that you get rain on your wedding day. (And then if it's sunny, you have somewhere for people to hide from the heat!)

    However, I'm a hopeless optimist and would probably skip the tent and just tell people to bring umbrellas if they're really worried. =o)
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    omg, get a tent!!! remember last summer it rained almost every day?! there is no way that i would be taking a chance of standing in the middle of a downpour on my wedding day....... just the thought of it makes me a nervous wreck. we are getting married outside also, in july, and we have a 100% fail proof rain plan. i would say, get the tent... watch the weather that week and if they even SUSPECT that there will be rain, put up the tent... you don't want your memories or your guests memories of your wedding to be that you were standing in the rain b/c you HOPED that it wouldn't rain on your wedding day! p.s. an old wives' tale is that rain on your wedding day is good luck for your marriage!
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    A lot of places you can rent a tent the week of.  My boss had to rent one a couple days before his daughter grad party due to the weather and didn't have an issue.  I would research costs if you rented it last minute and have money set aside just in case.
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