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Wedding invitation addressing

Hi - I'm new here.  We just got engaged New Year's Eve, so I've just started planning.  Several of us were discussing invitations today - I still have a while - and the subject of addressing them came up.  My handwriting makes a 2 year old's look professional. 

Has anyone found someone in the area that will address them at a reasonable price?  $2 an envelope is totally out of the question.


Re: Wedding invitation addressing

  • Tampa Calligraphy only charges .50 cents per envelope and they have great reviews. www.tampacalligraphy.com
  • If your parents' names are on the top line of your invitation as the people who are requesting the guests' presence, then the invitation is coming from your parents, and it's your mom who should at least be involved in this addressing question.

    My mom, for example, said that the invitations were being issued BY HER, and SHE tole ME that she was going to hand-address the invitation envelopes.  I sat with her and worked the address book, and I stuffed and sealed, etc.  But the invitation envelope addressing was clearly HER decision.  Don't cut your mother out of any of the part of this wedding process.
  • Kristin789, thank you for the information, but my mom passed away several years ago.
  • I am also using Tampa Calligraphy! She is located in Westchase and has a fast turn around. I am dropping off my envelopes Fri, but so far has been a pleasure to work with via phone and email.

    Setti is right, it is  50cents an envelope and 25 cents for return address, and another 50 cents for rsvp return. I am just planning on the envelope and return address, I purchased a cute address stamp off Etsy which I'm using for our RSVP returns, 75cents is still so much cheaper than anywhere else I have looked! She also does place cards, menus, etc.
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  • Oh Meg.  I'm sorry for your loss. 
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