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365 steps forward, 1179 steps back.  So we changed our wedding date AGAIN.  No idea when its going to be this time so I guess I'm just planning for sometime in the next 2 years.

Personal reasons are keeping us from getting married in the next year.  I'm so frustrated and feel like I'm just spinning my wheels because planning was starting to come together and so I've gone from making progress to completely being put on hold.  So my wedding energy is building up and about to explode.

It's only been 2 days since we put the wedding on indefnite hold and I'm in the worst mood ever.  I'm crying, I'm moody, I'm getting annoyed over the littlest things and I don't like this side of me at all.  I normally try to be very laid back, go with the flow person.

I completely understand how some brides can turn into bridezillas.  Its very hard not to blow up when you're frustrated about wedding planning.


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    I am sorry! I hope everything is okay! Keep planning just find ideas that you want and keep pushing ahead!
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    How frustrating for you! I'm sorry that you are going through this. A positive note, you can now save some $$ and get some extra things that you might not of had before.Still, i'm sorry that you have to put your wedding off.
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    I am also so sorry that you hade to postpone your wedding but like Jesscmpls said, think on a positive note that you can save more money to get extra things and have even a more beautiful wedding!!
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    I'm upset that we have to push it back again, but maybe part of my frustration was also due to PMS.  My PMS this month is horrid lol.

    So I decided when it comes to some things I'm not going to let the date upset me.  I have some centerpieces I want to buy for my DIYs.  So I will just tell myself that I don't have to worry about which to pay for centerpieces or vendors.  I can buy our centerpieces and not feel guilty.

    Win/win right!  I just need to look at the bigger picture, a more fabulous wedding when I can save the money and pay for things on time.  We haven't put any payments down yet so we aren't out any money.

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