Bridal Shower Location Suggestions?

Hello Ladies, Does anyone have any suggestions on where I can have a bridal shower for approx 50 guests. My amazing bridesmaids are planning the whole thing but have let it slip that they are having trouble finding a place to accommodate such a large group. Yes, I know 50 guests is a ton, but its not by choice and my bm's are more than happy with that number! (Gotta love those girls!) Anyways, we are trying to find somewhere in the Scottsdale/arcadia area? Any ideas would be very appreciated! TIA!

Re: Bridal Shower Location Suggestions?

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    Do any of your maids' parents/families/friends live in a community with a clubhouse? My MOH is renting the community clubhouse in her mother's upscale neighborhood and I know the cost was really low! You'll be able to bring in your own food and drinks, too, which will save lots of money!  I have a shower guest list of 55 so we were also having a hard time finding a venue that would comfortably fit everyone.

    Good luck and God bless!
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    I went to a bridal shower once that was in a big room at the local library.  It was a little random, but it was free to use and gave us plenty of space.  This particular library even had a patio attached to the room with tables and chairs.
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    Janjan-Do you remeber which library it was? Or maybe the general area?

    Ladyb-Thanks for the suggestion, but unfortunately no one has access to a club house.

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    You can normally rent out clubhouses even if you aren't a home owner, they just charge you more.  If it's an idea you like, def look into it!
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    The library was in Oro Valley (Tucson), probably too far for your bridal shower :)  But some of the libraries here may have soemthign similar.
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