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I thought I would be student teaching spring of 13 which means I would have only had 3 quarters of school left while being married. My class load however as drug me into a whole nother quarter. only bummer is that all school stuff will be done and then i have to wait ALL SUMMER to do my student teaching in Fall! UGH! I was so sad :-(. On the bright side  will still be able to move home when planned since I can do both my practicum and student teaching close to where i'll be living. I guess another bright side is that I can divy out my classes a little more so i'm not taking 5 classes this fall. Only thing that sucks though is that I have to sub for the rest of the year after I graduate, but my mom said that this is a good thing because you get your foot in the door and their are possibilities of long term subbing. So I guess this is both good and bad. But still, :-( haha
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  • Oh I know exctly how you feel. I was supposed to enter my student teaching (which is the last part of your program where I go to school) the semester after my FI and I get married but I had to push it back a whole nother semester. Keep it up! It will all be over soon! Good luck!
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  • Trust me you are lucky, at least you will be used to your new name before you student teach.  I start student teaching the week after we get back from our honeymoon.  There is no way I'll be used to my new name by I start working in the classroom.
  • I'm in the same boat. I was supposed to be student teaching this semester but got pushed back to this fall. I actually get married the day after student teaching orientation on campus and a week and a half before student teaching. I'm thinking I'll student teach with my maiden name rather than my brand new married name since I won't have much time to change it. 
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