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Ceremony at the beach.. help!!

Does anyone know of any venues that allow you to have the ceremony and reception on the beach. I don't want to be beside the beach or in a house over looking a beach.. I want to be ON THE beach, barefoot and all! If you know of any places please let me know! Anywhere in GA is fine but we were also looking at the Charleston area. Thanks!
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Re: Ceremony at the beach.. help!!

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    You can have a wedding on the beach pretty much any where on Tybee.  If you want your reception venue nearby, you have a few options.  If you do your ceremony on the north end of the island, you can do a reception at the Tybee Light Shrine Club or on the grounds of the Tybee Light House.  If you do your ceremony on the south end of the island, you can have your reception at Marlin Monroe's or The Ocean Plaza.


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