Hey everyone! Looking for some recommendations on florists... i met with one I really like but my mom is insisting I compare and I was hoping to get some good feedback from you guys about where to look?

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  • Where is your wedding going to be?  And what is your budget?  These are a few of my favs:

    Petals & Beans - Strasburg
    The Petal Company - Lancaster
    Backwoods Florist - York/Hburg area
    Carmen Horst Designs - Leola
    Jane's Flower Shop - New Holland
  • We used Floral Designs of Mount Joy and the work was AMAZING and very reasonably priced. 
  • I love my florist, Weddings and Blooms, in Mechanicsburg!  Leah has been awesome to work with and she helped me come up with some great ideas.  She also did my sister's wedding flowers and they were gorgeous!  Hope this helps!
  • We are also using Weddings and Blooms for our florist.  We wanted something beautiful and unique, and after attending a co-workers wedding (they used Weddings and Blooms) we decided to book Leah for our wedding flowers.  Our experience has been great so far.  Leah really took the time to understand our personal style!  She even asked to see our wedding pinterest page.  Out of the 5 florists that we met with, she was the most in tune with what we wanted.  I thought her prices were very reasonable.

    We also met with Petals with Style, Splints and Daisies, Blooms by Vickrey, and Pealers.

    Good luck!
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  • Leah of weddings and blooms is a must! She's absolutely fabulous, price is reasonable, and the arrangements are gorgeous!!!
  • I'm using Florals by Heather Ann ( she does great work, will work within any budget and I'm super excited to see my flowers at my wedding next week!
  • We just decided to use Weddings and Blooms for our florist.  We met with Leah last week and her quote and ideas were perfect for what we wanted.  We are booking her for our July wedding - so excited!!  She has these beautiful shepherd's hooks that you can rent, and we are going to have mason jars filled with flowers to decorate the aisle.  
  • We used Floral Designs of Mount Joy and couldn't be more pleased!  She doesn astounding work and like PP reasonable!! 
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  • I second flower by heather ann, she works from her hom and is very reasonable and professional
  • I'm so glad to hear people mentioning Weddings and Blooms. I just came across the website tonight and have booked a consultation with Leah. I really liked the pictures on her blog and the testimonials on her site sounded wonderful, but it's great to see people talking about her on other sites as well. I've just started shopping around for a florist, so I don't really know what typical prices are, but hers do seem pretty reasonable.

    On a separate note, I've heard negative things from two different brides I know about Blooms by Vickery (who someone mentioned above). I have no personal experience with them, but the complaints were very similar, so I won't be meeting with them.
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