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Sylvan Dale Ranch, Loveland, CO

Hello! Has anyone had a wedding in this location? It's right off of highway 34 in Loveland. I am looking at the Daddy J Pavilion and I am getting married late June 2011. Any problems anyone has run into there? Thank you so much!

Re: Sylvan Dale Ranch, Loveland, CO

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    From what i remember of Sylvan Dale, it was fairly casual and very rustic.  Absolutely beautiful ceremony locations and good food, but casual and rustic.
    Shellie & Ken 10-22-11
  • lmwardlmward member
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    I've been to sylvan dale several times for retreats in college, but never a wedding.  It is very peaceful and private.  The staff is also very accomidating and friendly.  Absolutely beautiful!
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    my cousin got married there. Beautiful!
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    Beautiful- unless it rains since there is no other option than outside.
  • denver_teridenver_teri member
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    I love it there.  I was first a guest for their Thanksgiving weekend, and as a cake artist, I deliver wedding cakes there as well.  The setting is gorgeous, peaceful, and yes a bit rustic.  Many of the wedding cakes I've provided there were not rustic, rather very elegant.  You can see photos of some of the cakes I've done (at Daddy J Pavilion) at www.slicecakestudio.com

    Congratulations on your engagement, and good luck with planning!

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    I looked there as well at that specific pavilion and decided against it because the only restrooms available were outhouses/ pit toilets and didn't think my guests would be happy with that and couldn't imagine myself trying to go to the restroom in there in my dress. It's very pretty but is definately rustic.
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    Gooed to know about the bathrooms! I was considering there as well for sometime in september, but I did't think that what you got for the price was that great. Additionally, I didn't like that they may have up to three weddings at once.

    I'm having a hell of a time myself finding a scenic outdoor area. Currrently looking into beaver meadows, the pines at genesee and the meadows at marshdale. Family wont be happy about having to drive that far, but it's my day.
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    You may also want to look at ellis ranch. It's similar in area and style.
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