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Venue w/on-site accommodations

Hi all, I'd love to get some venue advice. I just started planning but I'm estimating 90 people, on a Saturday evening in May, in the Hudson Valley. Here is my list of priorities:
1. Lower budget
2. On-site accommodations
3. Near train (Croton, Cortlandt, Peekskill, Garrison, Cold Spring, Beacon, Poughkeepsie, Rhinecliff, Hudson, Cornwall, Port Jervis, etc.)
4. Rustic feel

Any specific recommendations or general tips?

Would a B & B be a practical option?


Re: Venue w/on-site accommodations

  • Poughkeepsie Grand isn't very rustic but it's been recently remodeled and is gorgeous. You could walk to the train from there. Low budget (Under $100pp)

    Rolling Greens - affiliated with the Poughkeepsie Grand has hotels across the street. It has more of a rustic feel to it. Not as close to train station. Low budget.
  • The Tarrytown a "lodgy feel", starting prices at $75 pp, accomdations are there, free night for B&G and right near the Irvington Train Station.  Call Linda Ferone.
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  • rolling greens in poughkeepsie is nice was my second choice.  hotel is not on site but they offer a free shuttle to the hotel nearby and the hotel gives your guests a deal
  • Bear Mountain Inn or the Overlook Lodge also in Bear Mtn State Park. Fits most of your priorities, however, not close to a train station at all.

    Good luck with your planning!!
  • Thanks for your recommendations! I'll look into these.
  • This place seems to have a farmhouse on site that you can rent for the family.
  • Hi Guys, thought I'd chime in again.  We looked at Bear Mtn Inn and Full Moon Farm today.  Bear Mtn Inn was a little cheesy, and I felt like they were rushing us in and out.  Don't get me wrong, it was cute, but we want a real farm wedding, with views and fields and a barn.  Not a lodge posing as a farm.  Full Moon Farm seems to have the whole experience, plus, it looks like a farm out of an issue of Town and Country magazine.  They even arranged an "open house" for our tour, the caterer, the planner, the florist, an officient, the lighting designer, all were there with samples and info for us when we arrived.  They let us ask as many questions as we wanted and they were SO NICE.  The grounds and view are gorgeous plus they have a stunning farmhouse to rent if you want it for the weekend.  I liked their planner, too.  We are going to bop around to a few more places before we decide, but that's the update so far.  I'll admit I was impressed.
  • I am in the same situation as yourself.  As for the Poughkeepsie Grand Hotel or their other location near the Hudson River they require a minimum of 125 to 150 even for Friday, Sat. Sun.  Unless you don't mind marrying Monday to Thursday then the minimum is 100.  Good luck in your quest. 
  • Thanks Anna!
    I'm looking at Bear Mountain this weekend myself (doesn't look too far from the Harriman NJT station). I'm also keeping my mind open to barns that don't have on-site accomodations. Full Moon Farm looks great but is too far from the train for us.
    Good luck everyone!
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