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Special role for Dad?

Aloha!  I'm about 6 weeks from our wedding and it suddenly occurred to me that I haven't got anything special for my Dad to do. 

Ours is a casual, but relatively traditional wedding with reception at a beautiful outdoor location in Hawaii (our home).  This is my second marriage and I'm having my sons both walk me down the aisle (they're in their 20's).  My mom is a behind-the-scenes type and will be helping me get dressed.  Future MIL is introducing us at the reception and my grandmother is saying grace before dinner.  My dad's wife is helping to video the wedding.

I feel like I need to find something special for Dad to do.  I'm his only daughter and first marriage was at the courthouse (bad marriage).  Now that I'm doing the whole wedding thing, I want to include him but don't know how.

FI suggested having dad give a toast, but my family is all non-drinkers and so toasting is a bit out of our element.  Appreciate any ideas!


Re: Special role for Dad?

  • I agree LucyHC.  My dad is NOT the host at our wedding -- WE are.  I am 45 and he is 53.  We are paying for and planning this on our own.  We have made it clear to all of the family that this is OUR wedding -- and while we have included them in the excitement and planning, it is planned as the celebration that we want.  We actually did ask his 91 year old mom to "announce" us as we arrive at the reception.

    I was really blessed when I asked my dad to share a reading (scripture, prayer or poem - his choice) during our ceremony.  Dad was honored and made it clear that he did not require any special role.  He also made it very clear that he absolutely supported having my young adult sons walk me down the aisle.  I'm not exactly his little girl to give away.
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