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Vendor Help Needed

Hello Toronto knotties!

I'm looking for any feedback on Babylon Productions (http://www.videobabylon.ca/index.html). They do photography, dj, videography, invitation, limos, etc., etc. Their package are really enticing, but for some reason I'm feeling really unsure about them.
Has anyone used them, looked into them, been to an event where their services were used, or even heard something through the grapevine. ANY info would be really really appreciated!

Also, I posted this before but got no responses. So if anyone new is reading: I'm just about to give deposit for my venue! The Marriott, Bloor Yorkville. Again, anything you may have heard or experienced, or any feedback on this venue... just looking for some reassurance on something I can't seem to find any reviews on.

Thanks ladies!!
White Knot

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Re: Vendor Help Needed

  • ring_popring_pop member
    edited December 2011
    Sorry! We weren't ignoring you... I really don't know anything about the Marriott in Yorkville. FWIW, I kind of took a leap of faith with my venue too... I didn't have any reviews, but I really liked the coordinator and we got a chance to try their food and liked that too. So we booked it and everything worked out great. Good luck - I know that booking the venue feels HUGE!

    I don't have any experience with Babylon either. But honestly... just looking at their website, I don't find their photography very impressive at all. Just judging from the gallery (which you'd think would contain their best work), the photos aren't all that flattering or edited very well. And kind of cheesy. I think you'd really get what you pay for. IMO photography is important - get the best you can afford.
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    i also contacted babylon once in email and i never got a response..

    i was told when they say they do it all, photography, videography, etc.. be weary, because they usually specialize in one thing, something to think about.
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    Video Babylon in my mind is very shaddy.  Try to google anything about a wedding and you will come up with a link pointing to their website and when you go to the website there really is nothing to say.  I hit their website when searching for vendors and I was not impressed with the quality of their work.  I think that one company that is a jack of all trades is a master of none.  I just have a fishy feeling about them. 

    Go and meet with them if you must and make your own choice, but there is so many photographers out there and their work looks like it's more current than theirs.

    That's my thoughts.  I have even found fake wedding planning websites that were created by them that is all about them and come across they give you advise on Toronto Vendors (and it's all about them!!! so funny)  I'll find them again and post them.
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  • lilmiss_34lilmiss_34 member
    edited December 2011

    Thanks for the feedback! I in no way felt ignored in the previous post, I know sometimes, there's just nothing to say.

    I was so torn on Babylon because of the good prices but had a very uneasy feeling about them. I thought I was maybe just too novice in the wedding industry to trust my gut, but I'm glad others agree and now I can let go of that potential deal and not look back.
    Thanks again!


    White Knot

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    Stay Away... I have heard nothing GOOD about them...

    If you are looking for a similar concept check out Trade Sensation


    Good Luck :)

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    The rule of thumb is - if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is....
  • lilmiss_34lilmiss_34 member
    edited December 2011
    Thanks for the tip and a good rule fo them. This is not a day you want to take risks...
    White Knot

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