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BM Gifts

I think I am going to give my gals a tote bag each filled with items they can use. This is the bag I am considering using. Which would you prefer? It only comes in the black and pink colors.

Also what would you like to find in the bag???
I was thinking slippers, pj bottoms and a mirrored compact. Thoughts?

Thanks Ladies.
PS- I hope everyone is doing ok with all this snow!
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Re: BM Gifts

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    l like the pink bag.  As far as the contents, i would prob like to see a tshirt only as opossed to pj pants only.   The slippers are a good idea but I would prob stick with the "girls overnoght" theme it appears as and skip the compact mirror.  Maybe a mani/pedi set or a nice bubble bath and lotion set. Clearance items at Bath and Bodyworks should work perfectly.  HTH
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    Thanks alot! Those are all good ideas. Anyone else?

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    Okay, this is just my feeling on it all, so don't be offended- and if this doesn't apply to you, hopefully it will help clear another brides head about attendant gifts.

    In terms of the bag, I love the idea- I use them and love them myself.  But will your girls love them?  If the answer is yes, awesome.  If not (and be honest with yourself about if you like it for you or your girls), then really try and think about what they want.

    As far as that particular bag, I am not sold on it.  Why?  Because there are not enough choices.  I feel that if you are going to get something that is "the same" (ie a bag, shirt, and makeup case for each girl), then it needs to be personalized in some way.  I really think that there are better ones you could get that can be more tailored to your girl's personality.  I mean, will everyone like pink and black?  Is there another color they would prefer to have?  Would a customized bag from Land's End, with different color straps and embroidery for each girl, work better?  I have a couple of sites that have awesome choices in terms of bags, if you want them, but I feel that if you are giving the same idea of a gift to each girl, then you need to tailor it as much to that particular person.

    As for the contents inside, I am again of the opinion that it needs to be tailored.  For example, my matron/older sis loves comfy PJ pants.  My maid/younger sis hates them.  Instead of buying everyone the same thing for the inside gifts, I would shop around for each girl.  Perhaps one loves candles, while the other is into hair accessories.  Perhaps one loves her coffee from her Kuerig machine, while another would rather have a couple charms for her charm bracelet.  Maybe another would rather have something completely different altogether, like a Build-A-Bear or a sushi making class.  These are just ideas, but you see where I am coming from.  Even something as simple as a gift card to their favorite store (maybe it's Barnes and Noble for one, Harley-Davidson for another) would be greatly appreciated.

    My point with it all is you don't want to give the stuff just to give them stuff.  Many of us girls have been in weddings, and we have those "gifts" sitting in a box waiting to be regifted, or they have "convienently been lost" in a move.  I am not saying your ideas are bad, because I don't know your girls- perhaps they are good gifts (I would say definitely forgo the mirror.  My sister got an expensive Tiffany one for a HS graduation present, and has never even used and doesn't understand why someone would give it to her).  I am saying, though, to tailor it to the person and think about it (same goes for the guys gifts!).

    For example, all my girls love anything Coach, so I will probably hit the outlet and get them each something individualized to them (a wristlet or the like).  They are also each getting a set of pearls I am making with an initial charm (again, tailored, but it doesn't count as much because I am making them for so cheap it's redic). 

    I haven't decided what else to get them yet, though.  More than likely, I will get my older sis some scrapbooking supplies or a gift cert to CTMYH or a scrapbook supplier, and I will probably get my little sister either a gift card to DSW or something with her sorority letters on it that she really wants.  I want to show each girl that not only do I value them for them being in my wedding (the purpose of BP gifts), but that I value them as a friend by putting some thought and effort into making each gift truely "the bridesmaid".

    Sorry this is so long.  If your girls will love all the same thing, then great.  If not, think on it a little more- the girls here can give you ideas if you tell us their likes and dislikes.  I guess the answer isn't just for you as well, but for other brides who ask the same thing.  You don't get the same birthday/Christmas/Hannukah/anniversary present for every girl or guy, why does that rule apply for weddings?

    Okay, I will get off my soapbox now :).  If you want the sites with some cool gifts, especially tote bags and other neat items (they have a really cool lounge chair towel that I might get for my younger sis, she loves the beach!  I have never seen anything like it before), let me know and I will post it.

    HTH, at least someone!
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    If you are looking for a place to check out for interesting gifts (especially items that can be personalized with embroidery or engraving), head to Unique Impressions in Newark (on North College Ave, next to the train tracks).  They are the store caters to Greek Life on UD campus.  They have a great reputation (I always had a good experience).  The nice thing is you don't have to order online (they do embroidery in shop, they send engraving out); they either have items in store or you can order out of catalogs.

    They have a fairly large selection of items (including bags, blankets, shirts, pillowcases, all types of jewelry, fabric keychains, on and on) that can be personalized with names instead of greek letters.

    If you are set on getting the girls something that is similar, I LOVELOVELOVE these picture frames:


    They are made by a company called Stephen Joseph, and are magnetic; Last time I checked, you could get them down at Unique Impressions.  You can buy alphabet and saying magnets to put on the frame and spell out what you want:


    I would suggest checking it out.  If you want to buy the frames online, try eBay (especially for the magnetic letters/sayings).  Stephen Joseph is known for making "kids" stuff that many adults like- it has that whimsical feeling to it.

    Another store to check out is the Hallmark Gold Crown by the Christiana mall, in the same shopping center as D!ck's Sporting Goods- they seem to have the largest gift selection of the Hallmark's.  Finally, Pier 1 is in that same shopping center and has many awesome finds (including scarves, jewelry, and many girly items).  I would encourage you to check that out as well (and they tend to be on the less expensive side compared to other places like it, like Pottery Barn).

    As for the tote bags, keep in mind that you can order Land's End in any Sears, and if ordered from the store, you don't pay shipping (at least, it was that way about a month ago, so I don't think it's changed).

    Hope those suggestions for places nearby help you out!
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    I was going to say something similar to MBR.  If your BMs will like a bag with stuff inside then go for it, but if you're trying to find an easy or cheaper way of gifting then it may not be a good idea.  Not saying that you are cheap or lazy (because I dont know you), but some people are that thats a really crappy way of giving gifts to close family/friends.

    I'm personally struggling with my BP gifts because everyone lives different lives and have different tastes!  Its kinda getting annoying.
  • Mattsbride10Mattsbride10 member
    edited December 2011
    I think all my girls will love that bag(just not sure which one) otherwise I wouldn't have chose it and honustly I'm not trying to tailor each gift to each specific girl. I don't have the time or money for that. There's six of them. Not to mention I really take care of them all during xmas and bdays. I am just trying to figure out what most woman like and can use on a daily basis.

    Also, My girls would never think I was being cheap!
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    I like the bags. I think the choice is more based on your individual girl. I found tote bags at target, they are black and white polka dots, with a green lining *my wedding colors*....After much debate, I am not personalizing them because I personalizely would not want to carry a bag with my name or initial on it. I got each girl the same bag, its a nice size bag. I have 10 bridesmaids, so I couldnt afford to spend a fortune on each bag, but I figured it would work well. As far as the contents, I got everyone the same... I figured I would buy them things they could use at/during the wedding... I got each girl a tote bag, a pair of black old navy flip flops *tacky or not my girls and I love them*,  a pashmina to use if its chilly, I made each a bridal party teeshirt, and will be getting their wedding jewelry..
  • Mattsbride10Mattsbride10 member
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    Thanks. Thats great advice!
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