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September 2012 Weddings

Evening Bags

Do you have, or did you have, an evening bag for your wedding day? I can't seem to find one ANYWHERE! Now I'm wondering how necessary it really is. I'm getting married next Saturday, and this is the last thing I need to purchase. Any suggestions on where to look, or should I just skip it and take my regular day-to-day purse?

I realize this is very trivial, but thanks in advance for your opinions!

Re: Evening Bags

  • I've actually been thinking about this today! I might go check out Charming Charlie's or DSW for an inexpensive clutch to at least hold my touch up makeup, etc. I think I will wish I had something smaller if I just go with my regular purse to tote stuff around in.
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  • I'm getting a clutch from Charming Charlie's this weekend!
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  • Well, cripes! We don't have a Charming Charlie's here. :(  I am close to a DSW though, so maybe I'll try there. Thanks!
  • TJ MAXX  has great evening bags most of the time.
  • Payless has a ton of clutches out.  Noticed when I was just there picking up some fun cheap heels for the HM.  I am not getting one though.  A clutch would never in a million years hold everything it needs to (hair spray, makeup, deodorant, perfume, hair straightener, etc).  I'm going to have a big ol' tote bag in a conference room our venue set aside for us and the WP.  I plan on moving our emergency kits from the getting ready rooms to there as well in case the WP needs anything.  That room will be where I go before I head to the bathroom.  I figure the tote bag I'll make more of a point to grabbing at the end of the night than a little clutch which will be harder to keep track of if it is around the reception room as well.   If you get one, just make sure you'd use it again so it isn't a waste of money.
  • cinderellasjccinderellasjc member
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    I bought an evening bag for my wedding day, and I don't remember holding it once the entire time. One of my bridesmaid is holding it in some of the pictures.  Personally I think it is a wasted purchase. 
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