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Bridal Chateau

I ordered my dress through Bridal Chateau in Williamsville, NY, has anyone had their alterations there? How was your experience and how much did you get charged? I have a great tailor that I have had do my bridesmaid dresses before and She is affordable and always does exactly what I ask, but if I don't know if it's a better idea to get them done at the bridal store.
Bunny ??

Re: Bridal Chateau

  • i bought my dress there, and had them do alterations....bustle and very slight other alterations.  I don't remember the cost....2-3hundred?  I got a discount becuase my girls bought their dresses through them too.  in the end, my dress fit like a glove, and the bustle was Very well done (i had a french underbustle kind of like this: http://sewfordough.files.wordpress.com/2009/08/sewing-blog-632.jpg?w=300&h=225)

    It all depends on the work that needs to be done.  You could always take the dress to your tailor and see if she's comfortable with the alterations. if not, have the salon do it. they see and do thousands of them. =)
  • Thank you. I read some reviews that weren't that flattering but some that we're great like yours. Also when I was still looking I decided to go to David's just because a couple of my girls found thier wedding dresses there, and while trying them on I saw a girl trying on after her first alterations and they cut the bottom front layer way shorter than the under part and put a pick up on the side with buttons that was never discussed with. She was about to cry, I felt so awfull for her. But also got very nervous for mine. There shouldn't be too much but alterations will be needed.
    Bunny ??
  • I also read some mixed reviews about Bridal Chateau, which made me nervous.  I'll admit one or two of the ladies in the shop aren't as wonderful to work with.  I was very happy with the work everyone did though. they listened to what i wanted and were very accommodating (my dress was straight across and i had wanted a sweetheart neck. my dress wasn't really made to do it, but we sat for about 20 minutes to figure out every conceiveable way to make it appear to be a slight sweetheart. haha... in the end, they did tuck it a bit on the inside to create just enough of a shape so that the straight across wasn't so harsh. extremely picky on my part? yes. ..but it looked great.)

    I've heard nothing but horror stories about Davids. I tried on a few dresses there, and thought they all felt cheaply made and overpriced. yuck.  I did buy a formal dress there years ago, and all I can remember is that the alterations were really expensive.  My dress came out fine though, and has held up even now.  Still probably wouldn't have trusted them with my wedding gown. that poor girl!
  • I bought my dress and had alterations done with them and had a good experience. They did hemming, taking in the bust, putting in the bustle, and adding a deeper sweetheart neckline to the top, which required removing the beading and boning, then putting it back together. They did a great job on everything; the only thing I would've liked differently would've been to have the cups closer to my body, but that was minor. The alterations were expensive though, but in my case, all the work on the neckline was a lot of it.
  • We moved up our wedding date, and so I went here looking for a dress.  They were not super nice about getting one so soon, ultimately I couldn't find one there...  

    I am still looking, I am thinking about going to Kleinfeld since I can't seem to find a dress in Buffalo that is "off the rack"  that I like since it's too late to order.  
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