Which Hotels Are You Using?

Hi guys!

Just wanted to find out which hotels you guys are going to be advising your OOT guests to stay at. We are getting married at the Piedmont Room, so I'm looking for a couple hotels in midtown--two different price points ideally. We have a lot of OOTown-ers coming.

If you found a good deal, please share! Also, hotels with shuttle service are a major plus!

Re: Which Hotels Are You Using?

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    Since I'm getting married at The Mansion Peachtree, I asume that many of my OOT guests will stay there.  In midtown, I would recommend Hotel's pet friendly too :)
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    Hotel Palomar is great. You can also check The W, Hotel Indigo, Georgian Terrace, and The Georgia Tech Hotel and Conference Center.
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    Good options--all of them. Never heard much about Hotel Indigo...have you heard good things about them? (I'm planning from Dallas, TX so I have to go on others opinions)
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    We are using the Palomar-- we got a wedding rate of $109 a night -- but only after beating them down to get it! We were going to do a highend option and a low end option, but that was so low we just went with them.

    DON"T use the Georgian Terrace. The space is beautiful and amazing but they have been under 5 different management companies in the last few years. We went there and the lady who talked with us was really late, totally didn't care it we booked there or not, and she was really unprofessional (torn clothes, etc.) I have heard horror stories about it.

    Hotel Indigo is right next door and looks pretty from the street but that's all I know!

    Another place to look would be the big downtown hotels like the Hyatt and the Marriot Marquis.

    All of these places are within a $10 cab ride of Park Tavern. There are no walking distance hotel from there... the W would be the closest (and you could walk if you weren't dressed up and in heels!!!) ... its hip and fancy!
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    I am using TWELVE @ Centennial Park.  Their rates are really reasonable.  I also checked out the W Downtown, but it's a little too trendy.  I would also check out The Georgian of my faves in Atlanta, plus a nice southern staple for anyone from out of town to experience.
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    We used the Regency Suites Hotel in Midtown. They gave us a $99 rate for two double beds and $106 for a king room. They were awesome about schedulting shuttle service to Piedmont Park! Everyone loved it - just the parking deck is a bit small.
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    oh! Hadn't even thought of the Regency Suites or Twelve! Thanks ladies!!
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    I was just at The W and I though it was a very pretty hotel, the staff was very nice as well!
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