QOTD - 8/24

What city are you getting married in?  What county are you getting your license in?

Re: QOTD - 8/24

  • bbyckesbbyckes member
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    Married in Atlanta and license obtained in Cobb. 
  • pokepoke27pokepoke27 member
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    Probably going to get married in Roswell and get my licence in Cherokee
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    Getting married in Fulton, not sure which county we will get licensed in
  • My_MattMy_Matt member
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    Looks like ceremony will be in the Jefferson area, and I forget what county that is. Jackson???
    I wonder if Prince William and Kate are registered at Target?
  • TheCranberryTheCranberry member
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    Wedding in Atlanta, not sure where to get the license. 
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    Wedding is in Roswell and we will probably get our license in Cobb or Fulton.
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