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How are you orderingTuxedos?


I have had a few people ask me about Tuxedos and I haven't even thought about it yet. How are the guys in your weddings getting their tuxes? I live in CA and our wedding is in Vegas in June. Do we order them ahead of time? Do they get fitted in Ca and pick them up in Vegas? Any info would be much appreciated!

Also, I have heard many knotties talk about the lady who steams wedding dresses in Vegas. Does anyone have her contact info?

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Re: How are you orderingTuxedos?

  • jccswljccswl member
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    We did our through Mens Warehouse. DH went about 2months before to pick the style of his and the groomsmen, and to get measured. We wanted enough time for the tux to get in and try it on and to make sure it fit. Since we're from NoCal, and one groomsman is from LA and one in Texas, Mens Warehouse was our best bet to get all the correct info since it's in the system and all the others had to do was give them DH name and get measured. We had the option to pick it up in Vegas, but we elected to pick it up where we live b/c we wanted to make sure the tux was what we wanted, and no worries if something went wrong.
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    I believe you are asking about fit for a bride.  here is their website: http://www.fitforabride.net/bridal-services-home.html

    We're ordering tuxes from Men's Warehouse and picking them up in Vegas.  We have 2 guys coming from Seattle and 2 from Atlanta so it just made sense to pick them up there.
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    We are doing the same.  One of our groomsmen lives in MN, so he can get fitted there.  He is going to pick up and return with the remainging groomsmen here in Vegas.

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  • aerinpegadrakaerinpegadrak member
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    We think we're actually going to go through a local tux shop, and pick them up on our way out.  (We're driving, so it's no big.)  I want to verify that we can get any last minute alterations the morning of the wedding at one of their Vegas affiliates, so we'll see.  We may end up going the MW route.
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  • Savannah6783Savannah6783 member
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    My guys were fitted locally, we called the information into Tuxedo Junction and then they went out the day we arrived to make sure everything fit properly. The tuxedo company delivered them to the hotel the morning of the wedding and we left them at the desk to be picked up the following morning. Very easy process.
  • haleyscathaleyscat member
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    We also are using Tuxedo Junction.  We are sending them the measurements and since they have everything in stock they told us that there would not be a problem if something does not fit.
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    we did ours at mens wharehouse too in the city where we live and are picking it up in vegas, no problems good luck to you
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