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How much did you spend on....

Your wedding band?  ...not including the engagement ring.

I'm feeling guilty.  After five trips to the jewelry store.  I think I've FINALLY figured out what I want my wedding band to look like.  The jewler is going to be making the wax in the next couple of weeks and then I will decide if I really like it as much as I think I do!  .... But I about dropped over when I saw the price!  I just keep thinking - I will be wearing this FOREVER to try and make up for the sticker shock.....
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Re: How much did you spend on....

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    Mine is a ring I inherited from my Grandmother.  So, technically, I spent $0 on it.  But I'd give it back a million times over to have my Grandma back...

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    I have no idea because JP paid for mine. He bought it when he bought my engagement ring. The entire band, other than the underside part, is a made of little diamonds. So, I imagine it wasn't cheap.

    JP's ring was supposed to be $350, but since they made a mistake the first two times around, I ended up getting is 20% off because Kay's is loaded with a bunch of morons. The ring is perfect though. :)
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    we haven't even picked out bands yet.  My grandma gave me a pair of diamond earrings she had made from her wedding band after my grandpa passed away.  I'm am having those diamons put into my own wedding band set so I'm not sure at this point how much it's going to cost.
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    My was cheaper because it's just plan gold, but it cost more than I thought it would!
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    Mine is very expensive as well. I totally feel you on the guilt thing.
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    Thanks .... You guys are making me feel better about what I think is a ridiculous amount. The price of gold doesn't help either! Whit I love your ring!! It's a kite setting right? I'd love to see what your wedding band looks like with your e-ring :). Did u get it ordered today?
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    Mine came as a set, but had we bought them separately it would have been $200. It is a simple white gold band that matched my e-ring. Due to the setting of my e-ring it was really the only one we could have got. Though later down the line I would like to get a custom made band with sapphires in it.
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    I don't know how much mine was FI designed it along with my they matched..we're still waiting for his to come in, should be in be mid february...
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    FI bought mine in a set, the way my e-ring is, there is no other band that would go with it but if it makes you feel better the set was A LOT more than I wanted him to spend...he pointed out that I'm not the type to trade up so "hush up & enjoy it."  Sometimes he has to remind me to be grateful when he spends so much money b/c I totally have the guilt thing going on :s
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    FI bought mine but I'm very aware of how much it was and it made me want to throw up.  Problem with my e-ring is it has a double row of micro-pave diamonds... so it really doesn't look right with bigger diamonds (I visited sooo many jewelry stores to see if I could figure something out).  I suggested to him that I don't get a wedding band for now.. and I can just buy one in a year.. or wear my e-ring on my right hand and get a really simple/ non-matching band for my left.. but he insisted on getting a single-row "matching" wedding band.  I've finally gotten over how ridiculously expensive it is and I can't wait to pick it up and try it on with my e-ring!! Might as well enjoy it!!
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    Well we got two bands because they were on sale for 600/piece.
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    Mine was $1500, I felt bad at first but we picked it out in June so the guilt has worn of. We get them next month and I am so excited to see an extra row of bling. I never wear any other rings, but when our jeweler put the diamond band on after the plain band I got all sparkle giddy and had to have it. FI's was about $400, it would have been less but he wanted a wider band, so then it was custom pricing. We still saved a lot by ordering from a private jeweler.
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    We bought ours for each other for Christmas.  His was around $350 and mine $195 before some mark-downs - the jeweler was having a 'friends and family' weekend.  They're both very plain, he didn't want any stones in his and I didn't either.

    I just posted in another thread about rings - but mine has been resized twice and I'll find out this week if it's finally right.  I'm also worried because when I put it on (and it was a little tight) it didn't look right at ALL with my ring.  I swear that's not the same band I picked out, I thought it was more rounded than that.
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    In Response to <a href=" Club BoardsForum:955e4823-0be1-44ef-9ee7-99a63794e103Discussion:0681dbab-c01c-4841-8670-d1d4f4010cb8Post:b5bc6935-9453-4881-a6fb-51fc46a496d7">Re: How much did you spend on....</a>:
    [QUOTE]Thanks .... You guys are making me feel better about what I think is a ridiculous amount. The price of gold doesn't help either! <strong>Whit I love your ring!! It's a kite setting right? I'd love to see what your wedding band looks like with your e-ring :). Did u get it ordered today?
    </strong>Posted by amber0389[/QUOTE]

    It is actually not kite set. Those are round diamonds with the prongs set on the outside. It totally makes them look like kite-set diamonds. In fact when I first went and picked out the ring the lady didn't correct me and say that they were round. So when FI gave it to me I was shocked and kept staring at it all the time lol.

    When I get through this whole fiasco with the custom band I'll def. post a pic :)
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    i felt a little guilty too! so i am actually paying for our photobooth completely-cause we are payign for the wedidng ourselves and i dont want him spending so much mor than me!
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    The one I originally wanted was $1250, but I found one I like better on sale so it ended up being $450. I love the eternity bands in pictures, but not as much when I tried them on with my ering.
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