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North Carolina-Raleigh-Durham

loft reception space? how far is too far between ceremony and reception?

has anyone come across something similar to bay 7 in raleigh? we are getting married in downtown raleigh and i hate to make people drive 30 minutes to the reception!
what is the appropriate time/distance between sites?

Re: loft reception space? how far is too far between ceremony and reception?

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    I would say 30 mins would be my max that I'd be 'okay' with driving.  That would also vary if I was an OOT guest or not. 

    Whats the travel traffic like on the way there? Is it an easy drive? How long will the reception last?

    Just think up questions that you think your guest might ask and if the answers are no biggies, I think you're fine.
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    I agree with NcsuPsych. That would be the max that I was willing to travel for it.

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    Also, if you're blocking off hotel rooms for OOT guests your hotels should be nearest to the reception, don't try to split the difference.  Think of it as driving to the ceremony and coming back to the hotel near the reception. 

    The further apart they are the more likely you'll have people skip the ceremony.

    All that said, I think this is a know your crowd kind of thing.  My father thinks that 30 minutes to drive somewhere is a really long way, and a big deal.  But some of my friends drive over an hour to work and then home and another 45 minutes out to dinner somewhere, they wouldn't bat an eye.  Think about the typical driving your friends/family do.  Would they think it's a long way and likely grumble about it?  There's your answer.
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    30 minutes is a long time.  We're going to a wedding soon that has them that far apart and it's a huge bummer (and expense).  In Raleigh you have to often have to take more than 1 highway to get anyway.  That's a lot of opportunities to have lost guests. 

    If you're getting married downtown, there are a lot of reception spaces less than a a mile or two away from the center of the city.  I'm having my reception at Marbles Museum, but there are a bunch of other museums.  There are also two new spaces: Cobblestone Hall (aross from Moores Square - lofty-like with exposed brick and plank floors, but on the ground level) and a loft event space that is opening very shortly (I can't remember what this one is called but I'm pretty sure it's on Fayetteville St).  I don't know how many people you are thinking, but there are tons of options downtown that would allow your guests to even walk if they wanted.  Your guests will remember your wedding for what a blast it was, rather than for all the traveling they had to do.
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    Try artspace in downtown Raleigh. Cool look to it- it wouldn't hurt to check out if you're going to look at Cobblestone Hall anyways. The science and history museums also rent space that looks pretty cool and affordable.
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