Bridesmaid stuff - what do you think? Poll

What is everyone paying for for their bridesmaids, if anything? I'd love to hear your thoughts, girls! :)

Re: Bridesmaid stuff - what do you think? Poll

  • LittlinLittlin member
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    I'm getting them cute sandals to change into if they'd like during the reception, plus I am paying for their makeup to be done.  I'm also doing a bridesmaid tea/lunch the day before, and paying for us all to stay in the hotel in one room for the night before.  Not sure what I will get them as their bridesmaid gift at this point, though.
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    I am not 100% sure on what I am doing yet, but I will most likely be paying for their hair for sure.  Maybe make-up depending on how much it will be.  I am getting them shawls or something to cover their arms since we are having a spring wedding (here in Saskatchewan we can still have snow on the ground at the end of April!)
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    One of my bridesmaids is an experienced makeup artist, so she will be doing all of our makeup (if they want it done). They are responsible for doing their own hair/or having it done. I am not requiring that it looks a certain way at all.

    They bought their own dresses and shoes. I bought pashminas and will buy jewellery, as well as a non-wedding related gift for each girl.

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    I did hair, make-up + condo costs (it was a DW) and a gift (beach sarongs, welcome bag with goodies and dinner out).
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    We're having a very small wedding (family and close friends only, so about 50 people), so I'm only having a MOH, and I'll be paying for her hair and makeup. I offered to pay for her dress, but she wouldn't hear of it (don't I have the best MOH ever!?) We're going golfing for fun pics post-wedding, and I'll be paying for golfing for her and her husband as well, and will, of course, buy her a fabulous MOH gift.
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    I will be buying lunch for the BM's, but I think that's it.
    Haven't thought too much on this yet
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    I bought their dresses, and offered to pay for hair for anyone who wanted it. Granted, I only had 2 BMs, and only 1 chose to have her hair done. We treated the BP to a nice "de-brief" dinner after the wedding as our gift.
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  • prostarr19prostarr19 member
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    I'm making little "goodie" kinda stuff. I'm also taking them for a pedicure/manicure the day before. Since my parents are paying for a good chunk of the wedding, hair and makeup are covered by them.
  • suzie173suzie173 member
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    I gave each a tote bag filled with items on "how to survive the bride" items (aromatherapy candles, rolaids, notebook/pen, lottery scratch ticket, bridesmaid guide book, t-shirt with BM rhinestone decal, pill box, 6 downloaded wedding themed movies,and of course chocolate) at the engagement party. I will pay for lunch the day before as we have nails, etc. done but they will pay for whatever services they have. I'm covering accommodation for 2 nights at a hotel. The gifts are a fluffy robe and an initial pendant. Do you think I should pay for hair? I have 7 bridesmaids, but I don't want to be cheaping out on them either. Opinions?
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    Peoples had an awesome sale on diamond heart necklaces so I bought one for each bridesmaid to wear at the wedding.  I am also making sure that their flower arrangements are personalized for each of them by tying little birth stone charms to each, which they can later use on a necklace or whatever.  Probably going to do a small mini kit with wedding day essentials.
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    My bridesmaids are responsible for buying their own dress, getting their hair done and make up (if they want it done - I am not requesting it to look a certain way - just however they want).  They can also get any type of black heels they want or wear ones they have!

    I bought them their "bouquets" but instead of flowers there actually little clutch purses - I am going to fill it with lip glosses, kleenex, and goodies for the day of  and write each one a little thank you note.

    I also bought them each a necklace and jewelry box! I will likely take them all out for dinner or brunch closer to the wedding!!!
  • rktorkto member
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    2 of my bridesmaids are new moms, so I dont want to make them come to the hotel too early, so they can do their hair and makeup themselves however they want.  I will probably get my own make up done only.  If they want make up done (my sister and future SIL - I may pay) hair - on their own.  Bridesmaid dresses they buy.
    I will buy them a gift (what? I dont know yet - I am thinking about $80)
  • lauren163lauren163 member
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    I want my BM to all look the same.  I will pay for their hair and make up to ensure that it all looks the same.  Unity for my wedding is very important to me.  I haven't fully decided yet, they will have to all wear the same dress, but I am unsure of shoes though.  We will be having a luncheon and I will also be buying them all a gift.  I was thinking of buying each of them pearl earrings!  Its a nice gift as they can wear it for the wedding, but its something that they can keep forever and always use.  Its practical and classical.  
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    I want to make some necklaces for my ladies as a gift, I'm also going to get each one a gift basket with things they each enjoy (one's big on chocolate and candy, another is all about lotions and soaps and such, my sister is into movies so she'll get a customized movie basket w/popcorn and such).  I've already told them that I'll have my hair and make-up done but it's up to them if they'd like to have theirs done as well.  Doesn't matter to me, they'll all look beautiful anyways!

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