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Good Morning!

Good Morning Ladies,

I hope you are all well and had a great weekend!

My weekend was great, on Friday DH and I went to see Prairie Home Companion, on Saturday we opened our joint checking account and then I went out for drinks with my friend. Sunday, we were lazy until the evening when we went to see Thor (who is the most beautiful man EVER), Yesterday we went to our friends for Memorial Day brunch. It was a great weekend.

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Re: Good Morning!

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    Hi Ladies!

    So this weekend was good and bad. My MOH came up with the car I was going to drive (she was taking mine since I can't drive my stick shift with my hurt knee). However, the Thursday before her fiance went crazy and almost didn't let her come. My MOH had done nothing wrong, but he went insane because my fiance's friend was also coming up that weekend. He's never met the guy but he didn't want my MOH around another man. They made up on Thursday and she came up on Friday, but it was obvious that she was still shaken and horrified by the fight. On Friday night they fought again because we went to a bar. Apparently he had made her promise we weren't going to go out. Of course we went out though to have drinks and talk. He found out, went crazy, called her a liar, and forced her to come home with his car the next day. I was devasted. Still am. He took my best friend away, ruined the weekend we had both looked forward too for months, and now I still have no car. She deserves better. And yes, she will marry him. She just can't see how bad the situation really is.

    So besides that fiasco, I was able to go to the water park yesterday and spend time with the FI and his friend. We did have fun, but after all that drama it was hard to relax and not think about things. Now I still have to find out what we are going to do about a car situation. I'll have to keep taking the bus for a while.

    JL- I wanted to see Thor too! Is it good?
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  • MRadsMRads member
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    Everybody is so sluggish today after the holiday weekend.  FI's family has a cottage near erie, so we left work early on Friday and went up there thru late Sunday.  It was fun, but his family is so full of drama, esp his grandfather.  FI is always getting in trouble for something stupid, and his grandfather is always complaining about everything, so that's fun.  And FI threw his back out on Sunday, so Monday he was on pain killers and muscle relaxers, so we didn't do much. I cleaned and did laundry and we went for a quick cookout at one of his friends.

    Last night, our photog blogged our epics (clicky).  We were unhappy that our photog cancelled our session twice because of weather, and I'm still trying to decide if I like the pics to see if we'll use her (though, at this point, I'm not sure we could really find another photog), though I might be more critical of myself than of my photographer.

    Sarah - that sounds like a horrible sitution with your MOH.  Its good that you are supporting her, because it sounds like she'll need it.  Gah, I want to smack guys sometimes though.

    JL - your weekend sounds nice and relaxing.  Opening up a joint account is exciting! 


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  • dbpsu18dbpsu18 member
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    GM - well i mean good afternoon!

    this past weekend was great! My shower was on saturday and i had such a great time. It was soo nice to have all my friends and family there! We got lots of great things - and i was just overwhelmed by the generosity of everyone! Definitely a day i will not soon forget!

    FBIL/FSIL and their baby come to stay with us (FSIL is a BM) for the weekend so it was great spending time with them. They left sunday night - so after they left DF and I spent some time getting all the gifts we received arranged! Monday we just lounged at my parents pool.

    Jl - Thor - who is in that?

    sarilynn - so sorry about your MOH and her unfortunate FI. I agree with what MRads said - she's going to need a good friend!

    mRads - i like your pics! looks like you guys had lots of fun!!

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