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*KOTW yogiebhill*

Here's how it works girls....you ask the questions, Yolanda gives the answers!  You can keep asking them all week.  A new knottie will be chosen next Sunday.  Pics are great too if you have them!

How did you meet your FI?  What's his name?

How long have you lived in KC?

What does your dress look like?

KU, MU, KSU, or Who cares!! ?

Re: *KOTW yogiebhill*

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    What is your address, ssn, and DL number? lol JK

    Do you and your FI have nicknames for eachother? Do you call eachother something different when you are happy/mad?

    ETA: I creeped on your profile and glanced at your photos... you both have amazing smiles!! Beautiful couple :)
  • Hi Ladies!!!!!

    My FI and I were set up on a blind date through a mutual friend. His name is Andre.

    I was born and raised here in KC, however I lived in Michigan for 11 years before  relocating back here in 2009.

    A-Line Strapless gown , clusters of beading on the bodice on the sweetheart neclkine, and it has a corset tie back.

    None of the above...LOL. I'm a hard core ALABAMA fan!  ROLL TIDE!!!!!!

    We call each other nicknames. I call him " love", he calls me "babe.


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  • How about your venue/ceremony/reception place?!!

    Big/Small wedding party? 

    I agree, your pics look great!  Congrats!
  • We are getting married at the Tiffany Greens Golf Club off Tiffany Springs Parkway September 1st 2012. Both the wedding and reception will be there.

    I am having five on each side with two flower girls and a ring bearer.

    Thank you Micaela2007 Smile
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  • Favorite food?

    Favorite place to go in KC?

    Wedding colors?
  • I LOVE going to Cheddars. I'm also a fan of Longhorn Steakhouse.

    Favorite place to go would be Zona Rosa and The Legends.

    Wedding colors are red, black, and silver.
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  • what are you most looking forward to being married?

    What gift did you register for that you want the most?

    How many people are you inviting to your wedding?
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  • @ sassygal29

    No change really other than my name. We live together.

    OMG, haven't even registered yet.

    150 people
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