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Just wondering if any of you have played any good games at lingerie showers/bridal showers. One of my best friends is having her shower soon, and the BM's and I are looking for some cool games that everyone can play.
FWIW: It will be ladies only, and no alcohol.

Re: Games?

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    I think TK has a list of games in its information somewhere. I'll see if I can find the link. Google works too.

    But don't worry about having a whole lot of games. Most people don't love them.


    There's a bunch of games articles at the bottom.

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    Thanks ladies!
    I totally forgot about the toilet paper wedding dress. Those are always funny! I also really like the idea about writing down what the bride says while she is opening her presents, but the BM's are somewhat 'old school', so IDK if that is something they would do. I am definitly going to mention it though, because it would make some good laughs!

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    I played one at a recent shower that was pretty tame, but a lot of fun. At the start of the shower the bride shared her "love story" with us. She explained how she met her FI, their first date, how he proposed, and so on. Then later on we were asked questions about her story, those with correct answers got prizes. My favorite question/best prize was how many times she used the word "love" in her story. I thought it was a cute game and something a little different from the expected TP dress game.

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