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"Best... Woman?"

My FI has two best friends but they are girls. I have known these girls almost as long as I have known him, and I have known they are best friends and I am totally fine with it. I have also always assumed that when it came time for us to get married that they would be his "best men".

Now that we are getting married my family is having a problem with the whole girls as best men. If it doesn’t bother me I don’t see what the deal is. My older brother is concerned that I will regret it later. Do you guys think its fine to have girls and best men?

Re: "Best... Woman?"

  • cschuma2cschuma2 member
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    edited December 2011
    It's totally fine!  Bridal parties are definitely straying from the traditional.  It is geting very common to have mixed gender sides as well as uneven sides.

    I don't see why your FI would regret choosing women as his best men anymore than another groom would regret choosing men as his best men.  Sure, arguments and problems may arise, but I don't see those being gender related.

    Honestly?  If you and your FI are ok with it (and it's ultimately his decision anyway), you may just have to tell your family that this is the way it is and to keep their opinions to themselves.

    Maybe show your family some pictures and this will help them visualize the scenario and be ok with it?

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  • rak123rak123 member
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    edited December 2011
    Totally fine.

    Your family needs to butt out.  It's up to you FI who he wants by his side. 
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  • edited December 2011
    Totally fine!!

    I was the best woman in a friends wedding a few years ago and I was completely honored!!

    The wife knew that we had been friends for years (almost a decade) and that we never had any "relations" or romantic feelings together... It was really nice! I wore the same dress as the MOH.  The groom of that wedding was a groomsman for our wedding!
  • mamboqueenmamboqueen member
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    TOTALLY fine.   The call the best "person"  I went to a couple of receptions with a best person and it was ......... totally ordinary. Noone commented on it
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