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Babysitter for Reception?

Hey guys -

I'm getting married on the 4th of July which is causing havoc on my gests who were not invited with children.  I literally cannot afford to have kids at the wedding - it's not that I don't want them.  We just happen to have too many kids in our family, plus out of towners...

Has anyone heard of getting a babysitter for the day and getting a separate room with like pizza?  I can't seem to find much info on this, but I don't want to have no one come because I can't have their kids.

Thanks for any help you can give.

Re: Babysitter for Reception?

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    I have this same problem. My fiancee's parents insist we need to invite the kids, but we are choosing not to. His parents said that they didn't feel comfortable leaving all of the kids with a babysitter that they've never met (even though 1/2 of them are over 10 years old). They are avid church goers, but consider a church member as "a stranger". One of them is in her 2nd year in college! Why can't she watch them at their house (which is large and can easily fit the kids).

    What's wrong with leaving the kids at the house, ordering pizza, setting up a couple of video games and getting pizza for the day? I need some suggestions too please =)
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    i would hire, 2-3 sitters depending on how many kids there are and i would have them in a hotel room if that is where your reception is, or find out from your venue if there is a room. Or use a house that is nearby that someone would let you use. Get a few board games, get some movies, some coloring activities, and if you have a wii or xbox use that, then give the babysitter money to order pizza's, but have snacks availiable.
    If you organize it and get sitters set up that are reliable and atleast in college and have it all set up where they just have to drop the kids off you will have a better response.
    Good Luck
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    You can offer this, but I don't know too many parents that would go for that.  It might not be worth your money to hire a sitter.

    I would just invite who you want to invite, and accept that if their kids aren't invited (Especially since its a holiday weekend) they won't come.
  • AnnaScarlettAnnaScarlett member
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    We did this.  We had them in social hall at the church.  My aunt did this and had them stay at the parents house with a sitter.

    I know all our guests REALLY appriciated not having to hire one, it was a big hit.
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    Thanks Anna!
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