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B&O Station Banquet Hall

Do they ever answer the phone? I know I had to call several times to even arrange a tour... now that we've paid the deposit I'm getting a little frustrated that it has almost been a week and nobody has called me back yet. Anyone else have experience here?


Re: B&O Station Banquet Hall

  • edited January 2012
    Aw, that really sucks! I know my rule of thumb when I was planning was to never book a vendor with poor communication skills unless I was absolutely dying to work with them.

    Have you tried emailing instead?
  • I am having my reception there in July - I haven't experienced any problems yet.  I have even stopped by a couple times to show others the place and they are always there. 
    I would try the e-mail option too. 
  • They don't have much information online. I was thinking about them as a venue...but does anyone know how much they are? Or how many people it can hold?
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