AW: I know there is a link...

in my siggy to the pro slideshow, but I have to brag about these photos.

I am in love with them.  Steph did such a great job capturing the essence of the moment.

If you don't have a photog yet, you have to, HAVE TO, check out Stephanie Glover.  She did an amazing job, and there are so many more photos yet to come!  I cannot wait to design our albums/parent albums/grandparent albums now- I love looking at my pics so much!

Re: AW: I know there is a link...

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    LOVE your pictures!!!  The outside shots--is that by the Rockford Tower?  They turned out beautiful.

    My personal fave of you is with your train fanned out with the bouquets on it.  Great idea for a shot!
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    These are lovely.  You look so happy!!
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    Thanks girls :)  I cannot CANNOT wait to see the DVD of photos!  I am so impatient about it all!
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    Wow she did a great job! I love so many!! I love love love the ones of the rings on the toy train. I also love the one of you and brian in the church doors with the stained glass above. The ones by the tower are great too! So fun! I'm so happy you found someone last minute that did such an amazing job!!
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    I have to agree...your pics are really wonderful! Just like you said...she did such a great job capturing the essance of the moment.

    I had no idea you switched photogs...just come?
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    Honestly, it was a gut feeling that I went with.  I couldn't explain it to anyone- and sat on the feeling for about 6 months, trying to talk myself out of it.  It got to the point that a month before our wedding, I wasn't sleeping and thinking about it all the time.  I finally talked to DH and he agreed that if it was this big of a gut reaction that we should switch.  Good thing we did- when we informed her that we were cancelling her, she went absolutely nutjob crazy on us, instead of accepting the decision like a good business owner would.  Then she tried to play games to book more appointments on our day (since we cancelled late, we had to pay the full cost for the first photog), so she could make even more money.  The relief I felt when we met with Steph and went with her was so substantial, I can't even begin to describe it.
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