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Anyone have or attend a large destination wedding in Central America?

My bf is looking for ideas in Costa Rica, Belize, or anywhere in Central America for a beach resort that can accomodate a wedding of 150 people.  Any ideas?

Re: Anyone have or attend a large destination wedding in Central America?

  • This is an international board. Have your friend check out the Destination Weddings board for better advice. GL!

  • Also, realize that you will likely not get 150 guests to attend a destination wedding. They are expensive and people are low on money.
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  • I live on Ambergris Caye in Belize so I can honestly say yes I have been to large weddings here.
    On Ambergris Caye there are few hotels that will hold all 150 . However since the island isn't very big you can offer a few diffrent  options for your guests that would meet the individual price points.
     In Belize the laws are pretty simple for getting married you have to be in the country for 3 working days before applying for a license then you can get married after that. There are a lot of really good wedding planners on the island, great photographers and some of the best bakers you ever met.
    I am  currrently planning for my wedding. We are not yet offically engaged the ring will be coming in October (long story) I did however get a golf cart (our mode of transportation here). You will love it here it is so beautiful. I have never been to Costa Rica so I can not comment.

  • I am sorry don't know why my post was underlined.
  • I was at a wedding in Panama last year. It was hot and humid at Christmas. UGH. Don't forget that part.

    Check out Bocas. It's lovely. And it's really the only place there you'd want to have a wedding. It's got the tourist infastucture and the beach.

    Not sure on hotels, but Panama is easy for your guets to travel to. US currency, English speaking, etc.
  • Check out Riu Bachata in the DR. Hotel stay is cheap and if 80% of your guests stay there, you can have your wedding there for free. Also, since it's an all-inclusive hotel, you don't have to spend $ on food & drinks.
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