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Alternate Name for a Bridal Shower

Hey all I need some help.  My mom and I are thowing my brother's fiance a suprise shower but it will be a coed shower.  However, my brother doesn't want the shower to be about him, he wants the focus completely on her.  It is a long story with my family being difficult (like many families can be, lol)  Anyway, I am on board that this shower really be for her as I want to really welcome her into our family, etc.

Since the shower will be coed, I feel/think that a "Bridal Shower" would be inappropriate, but a Couple's Shower isn't really right because it really needs to be about the bride.  I was thinking something like "Celebration of the Bride" or "Welcome to the Family".  I am not 100% happy with either of these. 

Does anyone have any suggestions on what we could call it?

Re: Alternate Name for a Bridal Shower

  • Wedding Shower.....Housewarming Shower (that's not really wedding related, but I've gone to a couple co-ed showers that they called Housewarming showers...) I know I'm not much help, but hope it's something!
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