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Okay, so my fiance and I have decided to do a May 17, 2014 wedding at Maple Hill Farm if that day is still available! We are going soon to put our deposit down to make it final. I am so excited! Has anyone been to a wedding, or had a wedding at Maple Hill Farm and could give me advice or suggestions? The owners are wonderful people and are so flexible. We've talked to a couple of people who had weddings there and they said it was just wonderful. I'd like to talk to others about costs and what to do and what not to do. Any experience out there?

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  • My wedding is at Maple Hill Farm this year on October 6th and I'm in love with those guys so far! I'd be happy to provide you with feedback after our day if you are still looking for it. 
    Happy Planning!
  • Thank you!  October 6th?!!??! That's coming right up!!! I'm so jealous! I would love some feedback after the fact, if you remember...if not, don't worry about it! Are the prices in the outcome pretty reasonable? I'm really impressed with everything I've seen and heard so far. I just don't want a monsterous costly wedding in the end, which I don't think it will be......

  • I'm also planning a wedding at Maple Hill Farm!! Our date is 9-21-13!

    Have you had them write up a proposal yet? We got one from them just over a week ago and it looks very reasonable. I'd love to chat with either of you about your weddings, and hear any advice from people who've had one there!!! :)
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    We are going to try for May 17, 2014. I wish it wasn't so far away! However, with our busy lives, it's going to be here before we know it! We are planning on going sometime early October to write up a proposal. They seem very flexible and budget friendly. With everything that I've seen and heard, I'm very impressed. We are looking for a simple yet elegant wedding, and I am so excited to start planning!! I would love to hear both of your experiences as you plan for your weddings, so yes, please do share! :):)
  • When I was looking, they actually weren't the cheapest... but I LOVED so much about them that I went for it! I am working through the final details with them now (17 days...aaaaaaaah!) and they truly are super helpful and flexible!! I have basically told him what I want for food and how much I can spend on it and they are totally working with me to find a way to creativiely make it happen. You are definitly not limited to the food on the menu- they will do anything! Just ask =)

    Also, when I was looking one major thing I liked about their pricing, is that while the room rental charge seemed higher than other places in the area, it didn't come with any sort of minimum- they said once I paid that event room rental, the room was mine, no matter what I wanted to do with it-so while our contract was for 114 people with apps, dinner, champagne, etc. they said that up until 10 days out, we could change ANYTHING in the contract- so we are actually going to have a much smaller number and I found it comforting to know that if our budget got out of wack we could totally change the menu to something cheaper at the last minute to keep things under control. That flexibility made me feel really less stressed (I've heard of brides with low RSVP responses, desperately trying to spend their minimum required food spend!)

    I will try to remember to add more details as I remember, but if you have any specific questions, please feel free to email me at [email protected]
    happy planning!

    PS- I really am loving dealing with a local "mom and pop" place- makes for an enjoyable experience and I feel much better than giving my money to some hotel chain =)
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