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Buckle Down

I can't stop thinking about wedding stuff long enough to actually get any studying done anymore.  It's driving me NUTS!  We are having to book things really early (our wedding date is not until May 2012 but vendors are already booking around our date), and we're having to make some big decisions right now.  I really need to do well in my classes, especially as we are wrapping up the semester, but I have literally NO motivation to do anything school related whatsoever.  Not good.

Anyone have any tips on how to refocus?
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Re: Buckle Down

  • I can't seem to focus on my homework because the end of the semester is almost here!! (I have 5 classes left, and 1 final) lol
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  • I just started couting how many classes and points I have left. Looking at how little I have left has really put it all in prespective for me. You have plenty of time to put together your 2012 bash. You have to finish the food on your plate before you can eat more :P
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  • Set aside a tiem period for every amount of homework you get done (2 hrs, etc.) you get to wedding shop (30 mins). Or set aside a certain day of the week that is only wedding. I also had the same problem and so I had to set a day. haha :)
  • I honestly doubt ALL of the venues and vendors are booking around your date which over a year away.

    Like PP suggested, set aside a specific time to talk about it. And tell yourself you'll only talk about it during that time.
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  • mrandmrsbrist- not to change the topic here... but that ring is sooo beautiful!! what kind of stone is that? It looks ike an opal... but whatever it is, it is very pretty!

    OP- sorry, I was drooling over the ring a little. But I'm in the same boat as you are. I am almost done with the semester- first final is may 3 and last one is may 5, and next semester will be my last until I get my BA in psychology! After I'm done with finals, I will only have 3 classes left- 10 hours! Woot! FI and I are getting married in July, so it is really hard to concentrate. Plus, money is really tight right now for FI and I, so I've been trying to take on as many hrs at work as I can! So that+ trying to spend time with FI when I can (he has been working crazy hours)= severe procrastination! I don't have any stratagies for you on how to stay motivated except telling  yourself that you are ALMOST done!!
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  • I am having the same problem you are. It's hard when I don't want to do HW or study I just start looking up things for our wedding. 
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