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Ceremony time and photos

Hey guys! I'm getting married March 8, 2014 and am worried about timing and photos. My ceremony and reception are at the same location. I originally was thinking of a 530pm wedding.  Do you think there is enough time for photos afterward? before it gets dark? :(

Re: Ceremony time and photos

  • I worry about this all the time. Sunset for my date is 7:14, but that is total darkness. My ceremony is also at 5:30. I was toying with getting most of the bridal party shots done seperately before the ceremony, that'll help cut the time needed after the ceremony. I refuse to do the whole "First Look" trend.

    On the upside we should be able to get some totally awesome sunset shots!
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  • Very true!! Sunset photos will be awesome. I agree on not doing the first look before the aisle walk. I'm the same way. Definitely some bridesmaid photos beforehand! (my fear is that I don't have anywhere to hide at the venue (perhaps go for a ride in the car while the boys arrive) haha
    Family/ full wedding party and husband/wife shots after ceremony.  Still nervous. Sunset is 6:23 for me :( 
  • What kind of venue do you have? There should be somewhere at least. And your pre ceremony shots can be anywhere on the way to the venue, a state park. I think we will use my Mom's backyard :)
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  • venue is basically a barn and dock on the marsh. Yes, we could do some before shots at my parents house. Still think I might move the wedding up to 5 so there is enough time for family/wedding party/and bride&groom shots afterward before sunset
  • Darn you are right before daylight savings starts. I would definately move the wedding up to 5.

    Your venue sounds AMAZING!
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  • I would do at least half your pictures before the ceremony, and also have the photographer arrive to the venue as soon as possible for the shots they would do there.  We hired two photographers, but if you are having just one- I would talk to them about the schedule. 

    The way we worked our schedule out is:

    We are having a sunset garden ceremony on March 29th in Baltimore.  We checked the sunrise/sunset calendar for that longitude/latitude.  You should do that, #1.  Just google sunrise/sunset calendar, put in the location - voila.

    The calendar told us sunset was approximately 6:30 PM, so we determined to do our ceremony from 6-6:45 PM.

    Working backwards from that, we determined we'd leave the nearby hotel where we're dressing (1.4 miles away, urban location so traffic will be a slight factor) via our limo at 5:30 PM. We should be at the venue by 5:45 at the latest, giving us 10 minutes or so to chill in private (we are not doing the 'first look = aisle walk, but since you want to, that means arriving with the bridesmaids and hiding then the groom arriving second, for you, obviously?)

    Working backwards from that, we determined we'd begin photos at 3:45, and the photo structure is:

    3:45-4:45 2 photographers (like I said, we hired a team) each in a hotel room with groom or bride, and their siblings, attendants, parents, doing attire and the small group shots implied...

    4:50-5:25 1 photographer does larger group shots - these are in our hotel's grand lobby at their big spiral staircase with ornant railings, chandelier, mural ceiling...posing on stairs
    2nd photographer arrives to venue to take pictures of cake, bartender, flowers, table settings, architecture, garden, musician, guests, etc.

    5:45 when limo and immediate family arrive, the two photographers are now back, teamed up together

    after ceremony - 6:45-7:00 LARGE extended family group shots only (((and these will be well lit by photographers, who are bringing portable lighting, as well as utilizing lighting at the venue which is quite plentiful))))

    7:00-7:30- Husband and I do couples' only romantic and sexy photo shoot with limo at Baltimore waterfront/harbor which we want to do while the city is dark so we can capture the skyline at night, then return for 2nd half of Cocktail Hr

    (I hope this helps?)

  • That helped a lot! Thank you :-)

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