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Brunch near Keuka Lake

Oh the problems one faces when planning a wedding from over 1000 miles away.  I really thought by having the wedding at my FIL's lake cottage that I wouldn't have such a hard time getting ideas/opinions on vendors such as hair stylists, florists and food since they basically live in this town 3-4 months each year.  But I guess how often does one use a florist and for things like hair/nails they go back to their home town for.   But that leaves me in a rather tough spot for figuring things out which is why I keep coming to you wonderful ladies for recommendations!

This round is a place for brunch in or near Keuka Lake, Penn Yan or Canadaigua.  As my family is all coming from out of town, a few of his are and our flight for the honeymoon isn't until late on Sunday, my parents would like to host a brunch Sunday morning.  The problem is I can't seem to get any recommendations from the FIL and the few places in the area that have websites don't include information right now as they are closed for the season.  I guess I could just wait until May or so when they start opening to figure this out but I would at least like to narrow down a short list of potential places.  Sometimes I'm too much of a planner for my own good.  So does anyone know of a good place for breakfast/brunch.  We don't want super upscale (I think Esperanza might be a bit too formal) and we wouldn't mind a dinner like place but we'd need somewhere the can accomodate 15 or so people.

Thanks for all your help :)
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Re: Brunch near Keuka Lake

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    My wedding is in Geneva and I'm planning from Minnesota...so I understand!  Have you considered Belhurst?  They have a brunch buffet from 8-11 am for $9.95 per person I think.  Or Club 86 Bagels & Cakes?  I'm not sure if Geneva is in your radius, but figured I'd suggest them anyway.

    Good luck!

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  • dtronoldtronol member
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    The Belhurst Brunch is so yummy - I second the previous poster!
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  • CSTK1910CSTK1910 member
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    Inn on the Lake in Canandaigua has a delicious brunch as well!
  • liilprincessliilprincess member
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    OMG Esperanza Mansion - gorgeous view - right on Keuka Lake near Branchport (southwest of Penn Yan) and pretty good food
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    I recommend simply crepes in canandaigua!  I don't know if this is too late to be helpful.
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    also Miller's Essenhaus in Penn Yan is known for their brunch.
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  • katanne9katanne9 member
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    Haha, the others beat me to it. I highly recommend Belhurst.

    That's where we had our wedding! It was lovely. I have also been there for brunch before and it's very nice. Best of luck!
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