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Rehearsal Dinner Locations in Buffalo

My fiance and I are hosting our rehearsal dinner as a thank you to our parents and wedding party. It's a small group of about 30 people, which is pretty manageable. The problem is that we are on a pretty tight budget. We thought about doing a BBQ at our house, but we're in the process of renovating so that would be risky. We're also having the rehearsal dinner at the end of September, so an outdoor party might get a little chilly. 

Does anyone know of any good places to have a banquet in the Buffalo area?We've already come up with Hamlin House, Chefs, Orazios, and Red Mill Inn (all allow for a nice meal and 3 hours of beer/wine/soda open bar for around $20 pp). Our budget would really allow spending up to $25 pp. Any suggestions?
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Re: Rehearsal Dinner Locations in Buffalo

  • MrsPawlak2BMrsPawlak2B member
    edited December 2011
    I'm not sure where in Buffalo you are looking at, but a few suggestions would be Ilio Dipaolo's or The Columns at Alton's.
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  • gymbugmj2kgymbugmj2k member
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    edited December 2011
    banchetti's or panes might be nice.
    a google map search of 'restaurants' or 'banquet halls' might be helpful to get a lot of options.
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    Those are all pretty good.  I would put Orazio's at the top of your list. I have been to two showers at Orazio's and had dinner there it is very good. My cousin had her shower at the red mill and the food was awful, I wouldn't reccomend them.  

    Also consider, the eagle house, asa ransom, the protocol?

    Personally though, I would go with Orazio's or another for $20 pp and put the $5 into something else, or just be glad you're under budget.  But this $5 could go towards awesome desserts, pastries, gorgeous floral centerpieces, or something, you figure $5 per table with 8 at a table is $40 bucks, you could get like a $30 centerpiece and $1.25 favors for everyone, or more delicious cake or something, or candles as favor, idk its up to you.  but personally, if you're saving money and still getting good food I'd be happy
  • KJ7985KJ7985 member
    edited December 2011
    Thanks for the suggestions (more are welcome)! Catherinemurthy, I'm glad to hear good things about Orazios--we are actually friends with the owners (very nice people) and like that place a lot. That's good to know that Red Mill Inn is a no-go, I was planning a shower for a friend of mine last summer and her mom steered us away from that place, too...one bad review could be a bad day, but two is definitely worth noting. I appreciate the input!
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  • degreadegrea member
    edited December 2011
    -Eagle House
    -University Inn, Ramada
    -Samuels, Ashley Room
    -Gate House

    I am having mine at Eagle House, we are doing the Buffalo Buffet!

    Just had my shower at University Inn and it was outstanding the food was really good, service was awesome.
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