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What is he trying to pull now?!

You may remember a post I made a couple (?) of weeks ago about a Facebook message I received that I think my ex was responsible for.

Well, today I got a text from one of my best friends, who is a bridesmaid.  She said, "Woke up to a good laugh... <your ex /> friend requested me on Facebook."

What is he trying to pull?  They are NOT friends.  In fact, in his effort to control me, he broke up our friendship and wouldn't let me spend time with her (yes, I know that sounds bad, but I was emotionally controlled and manipulated during our marriage).  It's only been since the divorce that I've been able to mend that friendship.

He must know my wedding is coming up, although he may not know the EXACT date, he knows it's around the end of June or beginning of July because I've been working with his parents for visitation stuff.
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Re: What is he trying to pull now?!

  • Lisa50Lisa50 member
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    You know what?  It's only FB. Don't let him jerk your chain like this.  Try (I know it's difficult) not to give a rat's arse what he does about nonsense like this.  Your friend got a laugh out of it. Maybe you can, too!
  • awayagainawayagain member
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    You could try some disinformation via facebook...
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    or this might be a bit of a task but you could close your facebook page and start a new one that is not under your real name and re friend only the people you trust... basicly what i had to so with my ex. then dont put your name and or pics online (which im very bad aboout)
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    disinformation sounds good too thoigh
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  • Sue-n-KevinSue-n-Kevin member
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    This is why I don't have a FB page. I have enough drama in my life, don't need more by people who post stuff I have no control over.
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