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October 2012 Weddings


Happy Friday ladies! This weekend FI and I are going to look at tuxes and go out to eat for my birthday early..its Tuesday and I work. I also got my shoes in yesterday I just have to go pick them up because I had them sent to FMIL's since UPS says there is no house at our address. Not sure how they can't see the huge thing sitting right off the road. So I'm VERY excited to finally get my SECOND pair of shoes and I hope these will work with my dress!

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  • Good luck with your shoes!

    FI and I are getting passports today, and then Sunday probably, come hell or high water, we are finishing the invitations!
  • TGIF! This week has seriously been dragging for me. It started last weekend when FI got called into work both Saturday and Sunday. Then, I interviewed for a new job earlier this week so I've been nervous waiting to hear about that. Plus, the sight of my list of what's left to do for the wedding is really overwhelming me lately. Needless to say, I am super happy it's Friday!

    FI is meeting me for lunch today so I'm really excited about that. I'm hoping we get in some pool time tomorrow! We're meeting my parents for some lunch/shopping on Sunday, which will be fun because I haven't seen them since Mother's Day. On the wedding to-do list this weekend, I plan to order my new invites. The ones I originally ordered were still in the proof stage, so I didn't lose out on any money there!

    Happy Friday everyone! :)
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  • TGIF! Its been such a long week!  I'm looking forward to the weekend!   Saturday FI and I are going to look at new furniture for our bedroom and Sunday we're going to go register at BBB and Macys!
  • This afternoon I am headed to my sister's to babysitter her 3 kids.  I have babysat the two older ones before but now she has a 5 month old and I am a little nervous because the boys can be a little out of control. 

    I am spending the night at their house -they live about an hour and fifteen minutes from me. Then I am bringing the boys to my house in the morning so we can go fishing with my parents and my sister and her husband will bring my neice later. In the later afternoon we are having a get together with my family and FI family (his parents, his sister, her husband and daughter who will be our FG and his brother).  This will be the first time a lot of our families meet so that should be interesting. My nephews will be our RB. 

    On Sunday I hope to finish up and and order our invitation enclosures and sleep alot:)
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  • TGIF indeed!! It's been such a long week.  I had to get up early one morning for work and now the cat is set on that schedule; he's been waking us up every morning since then about 50 minutes too early and it is really wearing on me.  

    I'm excited for this weekend! I'm leaving work early today (come on 1:30, get here faster!) and a friend from high school is coming up and we're going to an outdoor concert.  There's rain in the forecast, but I'm hoping it rains earlier in the day rather than while we're there.  Tomorrow FI and I are starting our BBB registry and finishing our Macy's registry.  I'm also hope we make a decision and order our invitations. 

  • Ahhh! It was my week off, so I disagree with you guys and think it went by wayyyy to fast! I painted our office this week so that was a three day project alone tearing it apart, doing the actual painting, and putting it back together.

     Fiance has to work tomorrow morning, and I think we are going to go see fireworks because they set them off right across the street from his grandmothers in her hometown tomorrow night! :)

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  • So excited for the weekend! FI and I are headed out of town to see his family, because it is his niece's 2nd birthday! She is such an awesome little girl and full of personality, we are always very excited to spend time with her. His whole family is pretty amazing, so I feel very lucky to be able to say that :). Have a fabulous weekend everyone!!
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  • Today is lunch and mall with my mom and DD. Tomorrow we have 2 parties that I am really looking forward to. Sunday we are getting the invitations together (finally!) and then heading to the lake for some rest.
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  • TGIF indeed, yesterday felt like Friday and I was very disappointed when the alarm went off this morning. I'd like to go to my parent's house this weekend and try on my dress again as I am now down to 136 and hoping it fits the way I want. I'm also planning on address most if not all of the rest of my invites, and working in my garden since it stopped raining.
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  • Happy Friday! I have to go get some auto body estimates today, and might have to work tonight and tomorrow night. I'm on call so they'll call me an hour before my shift and let me know if I work or stay home. If I don't work, I have a girls' night planned tomorrow. Drinks and Magic Mike :). Then Sunday I work 4p-11p.
  • Right now I am getting a pedicure and then I need to go home and pack quickly. We are flying out this afternoon to Michigan for FIs cousin's wedding tomorrow. We are only going for the weekend and coming back Sunday afternoon so I will be tired I'm sure.
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  • TGIF for sure!!  This week has been dragging and I am so ready for the weekend.  We bought one of those big above ground pools last night because FI's daughters are always asking to go swimming and they also get super bored super fast.  So, we figured getting the pool would help with both of those issues.  So, tonight we are filling it up and hopefully it won't take too long so that the girls can get some time in there.

    Tomorrow morning, I am going with my mom to hopefully pick out her dress for the wedding.  When I get home, we'll probably swim some more and maybe bbq.

    Sunday, we are going to see Brave with the kids, get pizza at one of our favorite places, and run a couple of other errands.
  • Today I'm heading to some of the craft stores in the area with my boss' wife (they are gifting us our centerpieces) to check out candles and hopefully find a FG basket I like. Tonight we're doing something (not sure what) with some friends of ours.  
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  • FI & I are moving (in 99 degree weather) today and tomorrow. We're moving in with his parents because our lease is up and we're trying to close on a house mid-late July. So, some sweat weightloss is where I'll be this weekend!

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  • Happy Friday ladies!!  After today, FI and I will be on vacation until Thursday!  It's much needed.  We have a meeting with our venue tomorrow and I'm hoping to head down to the beach for the day on Sunday...we're spending Monday night at the casino so it should be a nice little getaway!
  • TGIF girls!!
    Tonight, we arent doing much, maybe watch our netflix movie and hang out. FI is working tomorrow, so I might hang by the pool or work on wedding things. When FI gets home I am talking him into going and doing our registry. I should also get my garters I ordered off etsy tomorrow. Sunday, not sure yet. Maybe if we dont do our registry Saturday we will do Sunday.

    Enjoy your weekends ladies!!
  • Today concludes my first week off before my summer hours at work start (I'm a school psychologist and have 15 half days from 6/15-8/3). Today, I'm trying to find the motivation to end my excellent week at the gym on a high note, but might just take a walk if it isn't too stifling hot out. Tonight, we're going to my MOH's apartment for a board game and appetizer night. 

    Tomorrow, we're going up to Niagara Falls with another bridesmaid and her boyfriend to go on the Maid of the Mist and be touristy (we live about 20 minutes from the Falls). Tomorrow night, FI is playing a gig at a local bar for a few hours, so our friends will all get together to enjoy the tunes. Sunday is up in the air!
  • In Response to <a href="http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/wedding-club-boards_october-2012-weddings_tgif-14?plckFindPostKey=Cat:Wedding%20Club%20BoardsForum:56b9bcef-1e34-456e-81f5-cfaa107456b2Discussion:8201dc22-b7da-4559-90bb-35d349424707Post:4424a770-2ca2-41ef-a2fd-e4d186bdb1d5">Re: TGIF!</a>:
    [QUOTE]FI & I are moving (in 99 degree weather) today and tomorrow. We're moving in with his parents because our lease is up and we're trying to close on a house mid-late July. So, some sweat weightloss is where I'll be this weekend!
    Posted by islandmonkey8[/QUOTE]<div>Congrats on the house! Make sure you stay hydrated and take breaks. 

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  • Yes. TGIF! The office is a ghost town today which makes it hard to stay motivated! Tonight we're going to finalize our registries. My first shower is July 22 and invites are going out soon. Tomorrow after FI gets done with work, he's headed home so this weekend I'll get some "me" time. Likely finish up our invites and purchase the materials I need to make the BM gifts. Tonight I'm going to Magic Mike, which I honestly am not that interested in seeing but a friend I haven't seen in awhile asked me to go. I suppose it won't be too bad haha. Sunday night I'm getting together with another friend but I'm not sure what our plans are yet.
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