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Recap with G/B/U and PIP

Hey Ladies!!!

We are back and I have tons to share. First and foremost, I am so happy to have had the opportunity to have a wedding with my husband in St. Thomas. The Islands are gorgeous. Wedding twin Brittany was right! The limetree resort is an amazing location! I could not have dreamed up a better ceremony site.

The day before the wedding we docked in Nassau Bahamas. We segway(ed) the coast which was some of the most fun I have had in a while! We even had a chance to race each other( I won of course! lol) It was my first cruise and I was pleasantly surprise by the service, the food and the wedding coordinator. The night before the wedding I was so so nervous!!! I had this feeling that nothing was going to come together. My MIL eased my nerves and before I knew it, it was our wedding day.

I decided to do both my hair and make-up. I got ready alone and It was very peaceful about 10 minutes before the first look, my MIL helped me put my dress on. The ceremony was beautiful! I shouldn't have looked at my mother because she was crying, which made me cry, but when I got to my husband at the end of the aisle and he held my hand the tears stopped and honestly I really cannot remember what happened after that. It was all a wonderful blur that I only recall thru photographs lol. It really goes by so so fast!!

The good- The Wedding and honeymoon was overall a success. From the pictures to the cake to the flowers EVERYTHING wedding exceeded my expectations.

The Bad- My father did not attend. I had a feeling but was not 100% sure. But my FIL and stepdad were there to walk me down so it all worked out....and the dress fiasco before the wedding ( which was fixed on the friday before we left).

The ugly- the only thing I can think of that went terribly wrong was the day after the wedding. We were in St. Marteen at the Las Manas hotel snorkeling and I lost my wedding ring in the ocean, but it is insured no biggie...

So thats it ladies!! We had our beautiful wedding! I have tons of pics and I will post after I send a DVD to immediate fam!

Signed Mrs. K

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