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cheap wedding venue in Los angeles area?

I plan to get married at court house then head to a venue to celebrate with close family and friends. 50 guests at most... want to keep it around 1000. would like to be able to have alcohol at the party. Any ideas? Im totally lost. Any suggestions are welcomed :)

Re: cheap wedding venue in Los angeles area?

  • I think it would be better if you do it at a house, we were thinking about doing it at a backyard house, and it seemed pretty affordable. I havent heard about a 1,000 venue but I guess it would depend on the day an the number of guest Good luck ;
  • i know in the past there was halls you could rent for $600 but I dont know where they are. I was hopping someone could make me some suggestions

  • u mean $1000 just for the venue or with food & drinks?
    i know a place that have private banquet room for really good price close to LAX. Its called Kj's diner & Restaurant. its on lincoln blvd. but u have to order food from them & drinks. Their price are very reasonable.
  • $20 a head might be a tough find. Do you know of anyone that would let you use their house? Then you can bring an outside caterer (maybe do an appetizer only type party) and you supply alcohol (maybe just beer wine and a signature drink to keep it simple).

    Ohh... there's the youth center at Dockweiler Beach. It's fairly cheap, and they have a great (new) kitchen. You have to reserve six months in advance, and be there on the day that they start taking reservations for your wedding month!

    Good luck!
  • Like what PP said, if you can find some one with a big backyard then do Souplantation Catering (if you are that type, I LOVE them).
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  • anyone going to this event?

    it seems cool....just wish more girls were going
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