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First Fitting (PIP)

So I had my first fitting today. Overall it went well but couldn't get the dress to zip all the way up it was almost there though just a little gap. (Yes I have put on some weight since starting grad school!!) Luckily the lady at the bridal shop told me I could lose 5 lbs and fit in it perfectly (which was the weight I was when I ordered the dress a few months ago). Here are some pics! I am sooo excited. It has a corset in the inside of the dress and then it zips on the outside. So I'll probably try to lose a little more than 5lbs so I can fit in it without having to suck it in! No alterations needed, just maybe add a bustle other than that it's a keeper. I opted to store it at the bridal store instead of taking it home.

You can see where the zipper stopped  in the picture below. There's a bulge.

Veil I'm thinking of getting it has the same beading as those on the dress.
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