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July Wedding Planning in Progress.. OOPs I'm pregnant

There is a 13 year difference between my fiance and I, I am older and have a teenage daughter.  Doctor (OB/GYN) said I could not have any more children bc of a test and my age? Almost did not accept proposal bc my finance really wants kids of his own, but he talked me out of that saying that he wanted me most of all. Well fast forwarded and Wedding plans are on there way, His family not too keen bc I am older and have child, but they are coming around.  Do I stop everything and not have the 100+ wedding we were planning, that we are also paying for ourselves? I am confused but very happy that I am pregnant.  I will be 7 months on our Wedding day.  Is it tacky to be pregnant and walk down the isle?


Re: July Wedding Planning in Progress.. OOPs I'm pregnant

  • Nope, it's not tacky.   The baby is wanted, even if unexpected.  It's important to have the legal rights of marriage before the baby is actually here.  So go ahead, find yourself a gorgeous maternity dress to wear, and enjoy your wedding and forthcoming baby.
  • Wow, congrats! What a delicious turn of events!

    I agree with 2dBride, go ahead and have the wedding. I was a single mother to 2 kids, never married, before I married in August of 2011. I didn't wear a scarlet A, I wore a lovely white dress (although not pregnant, because I passed menopause many years earlier).

    My ex-sister-in-law was also pregant when she married. She had her wedding dress altered to fit her growing middle, and looked lovely. If you already have a dress, see what they can do. If not, look into dresses that make you feel good, that have an empire waist and are very flowy. It can be white, or not, whatever you are comfortable with.
  • You could move wedding up to March.  Your vendors know right now if they have an open weekend or cancellation for March, and your wedding can slide onto that date.
  • Congratulations! 
  • Congrats! You have a few options

    1. Move up wedding date
    2. If save the dates haven't gone out, you can down size guest list to save money for baby expenses
    3. Embrace it, I've seen maternity bridal gowns. You'll still be early enough on that you should be comfortable
    4. Just do a simple ceremony & dinner with imidiate family

    I personally vote for #1 the reason is from my friends that have been pregenant, july is not a fun month to be pregnant (heat, humidty & swelling of body leads to unhappy mommy to be). Also since it wasn't expected that you could have another baby, my concern is if there is any medical complications along the way & you might be put on bedrest and therefore possibly have to cancel the wedding which would be a huge bummer.

  • A gown with ruching is in order if you want to look great. My daughter was 26 weeks at her nuptials and no one even knew she was pg until she changed out of her gown at the end of the night and into "street clothes".An empire or A line could very well accentuate the pgncy. But whatever makes you happy is what counts.
  • I also just found out (about a month ago) that I will be 8 months pregnant at my wedding in June.  We chose not to move the wedding, we did move the honeymoon as I won't be able to travel.  So no, not tacky at all to be pregnant as you walk down the aisle.  :) 

    So my vote is have your gorgeous wedding and enjoy it for what it is, then have that beautiful baby.  I am purposely not combining things like wedding and baby showers due to the wedding is about me and my fiance, not about the baby and I think if the baby gets included so to speak that will overshadow our wedding. 

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