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LAST POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey girls!! I'm going to do this now since we leave supppperrrr early (like 4am) on Friday and my to-do list for tomorrow is a mile long and I probably won't get on here

Well, it's here! After 15 years of knowing each other, 12.5 years of dating and 11 months of engagement, FI and I are FINALLY making it legal on Monday and I couldn't be more excited.

I want to thank each and every one of you that post here. I've said it before but for all the newbies, I came to this board after getting engaged last December. Darryl and I always said we'd have a destination wedding. We let people try and talk us into a traditional wedding at home. I. WAS. MISERABLE. I hated every minute of wedding planning and had a complete meltdown end of January. Then I stumbled upon this board. Everyone seemed so happy! And nice! And made me feel like I really could do a DW! And that was it. We booked in February, and now we're 5 days away from the weddding.

To all the old marrieds-thank you for your word of wisdom, inspirational pictures, and advice.
To all the girls still planning, THANK YOU for listening to my rants, offering opinions and ideas, and keeping me entertained when I was bored at work :)
To all the newbies-STAY HERE! Honestly, this board is the best the knot has to offer and SO incredibly helpful in planning and even just general friendship :)

Advice? Enjoy it. I know everyone says "OMG it goes so fast!" and you roll your eyes and think "yeah right" when you're sitting at 6-7 months on that ticker, but I can not say it enough.....looking back it really does look like the blink of an eye.  Have fun. Enjoy being engaged. Believe me when I tell you that as you get closer, none of it matters. My dress has a snag. I didn't get programs done. My ceremony doesn't have much in the way of decor. It's supposed to be like 100 degrees in St. Thomas on Monday. I truly, truly, could not care less anymore. All that matters is that I'm marrying my best friend and favorite person in the world in 5 days.

Special shoutout to Julie who I am pretty sure will be leaving while I'm gone. Have a WONDERFUL wedding and I can't wait to see pictures!!!!

We're back the 11th and AHR on the 16th so I'll try to post pix sometime between the two.

THANK YOU. All of you. Especially if you're still reading this long arse post. :) See you on the flip side, ladies Cool

Re: LAST POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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