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Renwick Mansion

Does anyone have any comments or experience with any of the following reception sites:Renwick MansionGolden LeafNorthgate PlaceAre there any other places that include catering as well as places that dont (community halls, etc) that you can suggest?

Re: Renwick Mansion

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    I looked at the Renwick for one of my venue options. It was beautiful! I loved how it looked and w/so much great archetecture and right by the river, you could get some great photos! however, it is in a residential area and actually right next to a senior home, so you have to have your reception wrapped up by 10. I suppose this would be fine if you were planning something mid-afternoon or on a Sunday. You would have to rent a tent, because the inside doesn't have one large ballroomspace. It is a B&B, so you can stay there the night of or before the wedding and get ready in their georgeous rooms - again great photos, but I don't think there was a shower when I was there. They may have put one in, but I think it was only a bathtub. I met the owner and he was nice enough. Have you been to the QC wedding page? they have a long list of venues of all types. It was a huge help when I was searching for a venue long distance!
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    It is really pretty but there is not a ton of space in any one area so if you are planning on having a big wedding it might not be the best location for you.
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