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How much to spend for bridesmaid dress?

So here is the million dollar question, how much is too much to spend on a bridesmaid dress? I am having my bridesmaids pay for their own dresses. But a lot of the dresses I have been looking at are (in my opinion, expensive) even at David's Bridals the dresses are $145-155. The dress I would like them to wear is $178, is this too much to ask them to spend? How much is everyone else spending on their bridesmaid dresses? Thanks for your help!
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Re: How much to spend for bridesmaid dress?

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    I'm planning on paying for my bridesmaid dresses, but weddings I have been in, I've paid for it myself, got halfsies, and not had to pay at all. Personally, I think $178 is a little steep. That's just my opinion. But, it depends on if it's something they would wear again, too. Where did you find the dress? Could you go in on it a little bit with them?
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    I'm paying for part of my BM's dresses and I stayed under $150 including tax.  I didn't want to spend a lot.  I am also in a wedding this year and just bought my BM dress and it was around $140.

    I agree with the PP maybe find a way to pay for part of the dress or if you can find a similar style that is less expensive. 

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    Have a conversation with each of them alone and ask what their budget is.  Then take a look for dresses in that price range.  If they're on a tight budget, you can get almost any dress in any color on ebay for super cheap.

    FWIW, I just told my girls to find a dress in a particular color (in this case, black) and they each found something that flatters them and (obviously) something they were comfortable paying for.  Lots of girls pick something like color and designer and tell the girls to choose the style.
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    Mine were onsale for $89 and they paid for them themselves. I put myself if thier shoes and tried to find a dress that was pretty, would look good on anyone and was something they could possibly wear again.  I think $178 does sound a little steep, but if it's the dress you want...you are the bride :)
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    Well, I've only been in 2 weddings - one where we ordered the dresses, I believe the dress was about $200 if I remember correctly.  The other one was actually made by the brides mother so I just had to buy materials.  $200 was definitely steep for me back then (in college) but I didn't know what the norm was!
    Personally, I know for the girls I plan to ask to be in my WP, $178 would be a little pricey - and you can probably tell what their price range could be.  I think the more advance notice is best if you're really set a bit pricier dress. 
    I bought my dress at DB, and I know they will give each of my girls $20 off their dress just bc I bought my dress there. -- and they have the perfect teal, so i'll probably let the girls choose from their selection in that color.
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    I'm a little late, but here is my story:
    I knew I was going to have my bms pay for their own dress, so I found a lot of dresses in similar colors and was going to have them pick their own dresses, just in a certain color.  I found some by Alfred Angelo and J Crew that were all around 150ish (but  J Crew has sales!)...
    Well, we went to try on bm dresses one day after a bridal fair and they ALL FELL IN LOVE with ONE dress.  It was Jim Hjelm and ran about $220.  I was so concerned that this was too much, but they all agreed they loved it and wanted it more than the others in a shade of grey. 

    So, I definitley think you should ask your bridesmaids -- they may surprise you!
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    I was in 3 weddings last year and the dresses ranged from $40-200 with alterations.  No one really asked what my budget was and all knew I was in 3 weddings....  It would've been nice though.  I think the average is about 100-150.  I'm trying to find something my girls can actually wear again so they're not spending money on something that will sit in their closet or be sold at a garage sale.
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    I definitely agree that you should ask you bridesmaids. $178 sounds a little high to me, but not that bad. $145 isn't bad, I don't think. You also might want to see if you get a discount on bridesmaid's dresses if you get them from the same shop as your dress. My dress is from Ida's, and the bm's dresses are as well, and with the discount they were as cheap as David's Bridal dresses.
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