any toronto student brides?

Hey beautiful brides! Im in university and me and my fiancee are so lost with all of this.. How are you students making it work out there financially? School loans are such a drag!! =(

Re: any toronto student brides?

  • A wedding can definitely be a huge cost whether you're in school or not...but it depends on the kind of wedding you want. Are you looking at a big wedding, small wedding, destination wedding?  What are your ideas for it?

    Student loans are a drag whether you're in university or not.  What steps are you taking to save money for your wedding?  How soon do you want your wedding? What questions do you have?  Ask away...I'll certainly help in any way I know how and I'm sure the rest of the former brides out here will as well.
  • You can always do some DIY 'Do-it yourself' like invites and favours that can cut down on your spending.  Or you can always get a wedding planner to help you out.  I found one on kijiji for a pretty low price and she has helped quite a bit so far
  • I'm a student.  My biggest piece of advice is don't spend more than you can afford!!  Please don't go into debt for this.  If you can only spend $5k then have a smaller reception, more casual, afternoon cake/drinks, whatever.  Don't say "oh, I'll have a job in 2 years and we'll pay it off."  It's not worth it, it's just a wedding!

    This board is a great resource and your budget (which I assume will depend on whether your parents are contributing or not) will dictate what sort of reception you're looking at.

  • I'm fortunately and unfortunately a work-a-holic, so I saved up money to cover my tuition to get out debt free.  Then I decided to move away from Toronto and do a Masters in the Netherlands . . . but making ends meet isn't too bad as long as you stay realistic and have a budget. 
    My bigger concern is trying to do wedding planning and focusing on schoolwork.  I'm currently just ignoring my wedding almost entirely (except for skulking on these message boards when it's late at night and my brian won't function with anything else), and letting FI take care of some things on his end.  Once the thesis is done, maybe I'll be able to focus more, but right now, it's all about good grades!  Any other students having trouble with the work load, or are FI all over stepping up and helping out?

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