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When is the best/right time to move in together???

My fiance and I will have been together for 6 yrs. in July. We're getting married next yr..we're saving for the wedding. Getting everything slowly situated..I feel lost like I don't know what to do...
We both still live at home. (I still get treated like a child by my mother) I'm 24! Last lil chica at home though (is why I think and feel she treats me so)...I know with future wedding expenses. If we did move in together, rent would kill us just 'cause it's another separate expense...so at most, we're thinking move in 3 months til the wedding....But we're testing the thought of 7 months from now.
I'm Catholic. So moving in before marriage, is a no no. I'm just so very ready to be out my parents house. I'm thankful for all they do for me. Just impatience maybe, I don't know. Someone, advice PLEASE. Would be GREATLY appreciated! :)
Thank you!!

Re: When is the best/right time to move in together???

  • beckerz03beckerz03 member
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    at least six months...that way you get a good feel for each other before you get married.

    It's a whole different experience living with someone...
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  • CA2MT4EveRCA2MT4EveR member
    edited December 2011
    I honestly think it depends on the couple, their situations, and their beliefs.  I personally love living with my boyfriend, but with work I only see him appx 4 days a week, so it doesn't always seem like we live together.  For us it works out great, and we don't care what other people think.  But we are older and have experienced other relationships and know what works best for us. 

    I can't tell you what exactly is the best time, that is something only you can decide.  But I can say that the few weeks leading up to the wedding can be very stressful, and if you throw moving into the mix, it can add more stress that you may not want to deal with before the wedding.
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