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Honeymoon after Vegas

any suggestions of where we could go for a few days after Vegas for a honeymoon? I had considered hawaii, but i can only fly direct to honolulu...which i dont fancy much!

I am meeting up with friends in san fran for a few days after the honeymoon. But wud first like to have a few days alone with my new hubbie!!! :) any ideas?

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    We're starting to look for the same and I started a travel alert on Seems like it's easy and reasonable to get to Mexico, Hawaii and San Francisco from Las Vegas. From Hawaii you can also get to Tahiti, if my guest list ends up being smaller that I expect I'm def looking at Tahiti.
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    as Im only going for a few days, i figured one direct flight would be better than having to get connecting flights etc.
    My options are quite limited it seems....
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    Yeah, I noticed most of their direct flights are to the US. What about Napa Valley In CA? I heard it's very romantic.
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    never heard of it, but im willing for anything so will check it out!! Thanks.
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    Hi Lorita

    We are planning a road trip....there are some great trips between LV and SF! We are doing a loop from LV to Grand Canyon  the stoping here and there on the way to SF then going down the coast til we get back to LA (going to Disneyland yippeee) and then to San Diego then back to LV. The car rental prices are crazy low (costs a fortune to hire a car here in Aust) and FI loves to drive so will be an adventure.

    But we also looked at flying to hawaii (there is a cheeap airline that flys from Aust to Hawaii which often has 2 for 1 sales!) and also mexico but Hawaii is so dear accommodation wise and mexico is hurricane season and with the oil spill we thought we would give it a miss.

    To plan the road trip I just grabbed some tour company guides (like cosmos etc) and checked out their routes for ideas!
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    Thanks for info! Yep, i noticed that too about hawaii accommodation! And ur right about mexico....they are both dead ends for me.

    I think I would like to do a trip around LV to LA and san diego....then I can go meet my friends in san fran. The only problem is i wouldnt want to drive myself, I do enough of that at home! So I might look into bus tours.

    Can anyone recommend a bus tour that goes from Vegas??
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    We went to San Fran for our honeymoon---only month after the wedding. If you are planning on meeting friends there after the honeymoon, you could both head there first, and head up to Napa Valley; it's only an hour away! Both places are wonderful!
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    We are flying to Kauai... but our flight connects through Phoenix.   I would agree with the previous posters about Napa Valley... very romantic and an easy distance from San Francisco. 

    Santa Barbara is also a great place to visit and relax... I lived there for many years (went to college there) and it is laid back and beautiful.  Just a short distance north of the city you can visit wineries (this area was featured in the movie Sideways) and a little danish village called Solvang (my sister got married there and it is very cute).

    If you don't want to drive, there is Amtrak train service up and down the coast of California... takes awhile, but it is a nice way to travel.  
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    Hi Lorita78, I'm glad you posted this cos we've no idea what we're going to do for honeymoon after our wedding. We liked the idea of hawaii but have heard from others they were very let down by holidays there. I'd love to go to San Francisco and LA so they are options. I'd also love to do a cruise - there are lots that depart from San Fran or LA aren't there? Or a road trip would be fab!! Aaaah, too much choice!!
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    In addition to Napa, you could always go to Half Moon Bay while you're in San Fran. It's beautiful and romantic!
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    we haven't booked anything, but right now we're looking at going to Turks and Caicos. 

    our wedding is on a Saturday, Sunday we'll fly back to DC, and then Monday morning we'd fly to Turks and Caicos.  sounds like a lot of flying, but it'd be two round trip tickets, which would be cheaper than 3 one-way flights (DC to Vegas, Vegas to Turks, Turks to DC).
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    Going to Hawaii for 10 days after Vegas!

    Wouldn't have it any other way...Smile when it's all said and done, FI and I will be pretty much be away from work for a month!
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    We're going to disney and San Diego.  We're saving our more tropical trip for the dead of winter when it's -40 here.
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    I think we're a little boring... we're staying in Vegas!  After the wedding, we'll be at the Encore hotel for 6 more days. :)
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    For ours, we waited on the honeymood, and we are having our honeymoon on our 1yr anniversary. We will be taking an alaskan cruise. Our decision was based on our budget and what we could afford, and when. This is why we decided to wait.
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