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Picking your bridesmaids?

Hi all!

I know that my sister is going to be my Maid of Honor, and I want two bridesmaids, my friend Mindy, and I want to ask my fiance's sister Katie. Andy and I want all of our siblings one way or another participating in our wedding. Katie is my age and we get along really well, but outside of his family functions we've never really hung out, so how do I approach her about asking her to be a bridesmaid? Do I do face to face, send her an e-mail? What? And what should I say?

This is all so overwhelming!!!


Re: Picking your bridesmaids?

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    Just ask her!  Face to face is best, I didn't have that luxury with my sis-in-law from Chicago, though, so if over the phone is the only way to get hold of her, that's fine too.  It's just much more special/personal if you can ask face-to-face.  No e-mail.  That's just tacky.  ;-)

    I'd just say how excited you are about gaining such a cool sister-in-law and you'd love it if she'd stand up as a bridesmaid for you & your future hubby!
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    I did face-to-face, except with my MOH, who lives far away. I was her MOH, so she pretty much already knew. 
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    Just ask! My brohter's Fiance asked me to be a BM in their wedding the first week of meeting her.  I thought it was very nice and thoughtful. We actually get along great so it works out.  I make time to see her everytime she is in town. 

    Just ask- as pp said, face to face!
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    One of my best friends lives in North Carolina and it took me 9 months to ask her. lol. But we aren't getting married for another 9 months so I had plenty of time. But I did make sure I asked her in person because I thought it would be a lot more special and it was! I think saying it over email or text or even phone is way too impersonal.


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    I agree with asking in person. My fh's sister is in our wedding and we don't spend a lot of time together outside of family functions, but I couldn't imagine her not being in our wedding. 
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    I saw Katie today, and asked her, and she said yes! Whew! My bridal party is complete now, well, almost, I have to ask the flower girl and then it will be complete.

    Thanks for the help ladies!
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    Good to hear that!


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