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   My fiance and I are getting married in Albany on May 28th. Albany is my hometown, but I've moved to VA so we are trying to do everything from a distance. My question is if anyone has experience with Men's Wearhouse in Albany--if so was it positive or negative? I've only heard one story about them and it wasn't good. My father and brother went to get suits there, and when they went to pick them up they were absolutely butchered; you could tell just by looking at them that the sleeves were uneven, etc. So since this is looking like my only option for the tuxes, I'd appreciate anyone's feedback on them! Thanks!

Re: Men's Wearhouse-Albany?

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    We ordered ours through them.... hopefully all works out well.  Ive heard good and bad... unfortunately it seems to be hit or miss.

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    Thank you! Good luck to you and your fiance! When are you getting married?
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    June 26th in Guilderland.  Thankyou, good luck to you as well especially planning from a distance.... I dont envy you :)
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    I live about an hour south of albany and went to the local mens warehouse here. Personally I wasn't happy with the selection so I chose tuxedo junction instead. That being said, I had to go to Spectors in Albany since they are an affiliate of tuxedo junction and I was quite impressed with the selection and customer service at that store.

    It is def. something to check out :)
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    I agree with the Tuxedo Junction/Spectors option. I met with them at a bridal show and have seen the store and they were professional, curteous, and their tuxes looked very nice.

    Good luck!!! 
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    My best friend just got married right outside of Albany and they used the men's warehouse on Wolf Road across from Colonie Center mall.  The staff weren't exactly the friendliest people I have ever met in my life  (I went to go pick up my fiance's tuxedo, he was a groomsman) but the tuxes looked amazing and everything went smoothly.  I'm not saying to definitely go with them, I just happen to have experience with them and have not with the other stores mentioned.
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    You may want to try using one of the smaller tuxedo places.  We are using J. Choppa & Sons in Albany.  Most of the smaller tuxedo places will work together (as in, you can go to your local small tuxedo place for measurements, etc.)  We like Choppa because all that they do is tuxedos and they really know what they are doing and they have been around for many, many years.  You don't stay in business for 40+ years without offering great service.
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    My Fiance got his tux there for his sisters wedding, the wrote down his size wrong but corrected the issue within a day.  Other than that the experience was good.
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